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Patti James is having a bad dia but when a man who could rival the Greek gods comes to her rescue, what's a girl to do?
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Who Am I?
By: Gabriela Acosta

Chapter 1
“How would you describe me Lilly?” I asked.
“Paula, you’re a very smart and unique person. But also mysterious. In a good way.” She replied.
“How am I mysterious? I mean, I never thought of myself that way.”
“Because you’re always so quiet around people. Not around me, of course. It’s like you shut yourself down completely, like you don’t want them to know who you are.”
“But you know I’m very shy! Besides, I’m not very good at socializing, you know? I always make myself sound like a total freak!
“Hey, you asked for my...
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Source: The Entwine Series
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Source: The Entwine Series
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"I still get nightmares," begins Johnny Truant, editor of House of Leaves ("House," por the way, always colored in blue). He goes on to explain how he stumbled upon the fateful document that would consume him. How Zampanò, an old and eccentric shut-in had left his critique of the Navidson Record scribbled on loose-leaf papers, book covers, and the backs of envelopes and even stamps scattered across his room. Johnny diligently collected all of the papers and organized them into the comprehensive thesis it was meant to be. It is an elaborate and detailed explanation of a documentary that, Johnny...
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