livros para ler Bloodshed makes the Valentine's dia a “Bloody Valentine”

rightbooks5 posted on May 25, 2011 at 06:25AM
Get ready to have the roller coaster ride of murder mysteries, and this time, the murder takes place on the day, to your utter surprise, on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is the day when you celebrate love with the most loved person in your life. Jack Barnes and his wife Zee had planned similarly, but the “Bloody Valentine” had changed their lives forever. That’s the storyline of “Bloody Valentine” penned by James Patterson is all about. Unlike other murder mysteries, here numerous suspects are there to make the investigation procedure more difficult. All the suspects had surrounded Jack for their own issues and reasons, and Jack, being a super rich person, is the golden egg laying duck to each of them. One thing is for sure, the murder behind the plot had serious reasons to hate Jack, and the brutal murder is the clear evidence that the murder came as the outcome of the personal revenge. You must have been wondering who that person could be, and “Bloody Valentine” will solve all your quarries. A thriller with suspense in every page, investigation procedure that involved fair amount of intelligence application, and action packed sequencing are the assets that “Bloody Valentine” is studded with, and the absorbing storytelling, the signature stylus that James Patterson has portrayed in his earlier works like The Postcard Killers, or 9th Judgment, is present in a more polished and more attractive manner in this Arrow publication work. And your trusted online book shopping concern RightBooks.In is more than enthusiastic to bring this quality thriller paperback edition for you. Just a click at­978­009­956­214­6 makes this book right at your fingertips, and to make the shopping more attractive for you, we have 30% discount rate for this particular book. Thrillers are unmatched with anything else for their fast paced storyline, and undoubtedly “Bloody Valentine” will meet all the element requirements that makes you haunt for a quality thriller work.

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