livros para ler What book are you currently reading? Why? How far are you?

PkmnTrainerJ posted on Aug 08, 2007 at 08:30PM

I love David & Leigh Eddings books and the synopsis on this got me intrigued. Stand alone tale though, so I need a new one after this

How far?
To where he Althalus has just reached The House At The End Of The World.

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over a year ago harold said…
Promethea, by Alan Moore

Why? Moore's work is riveting, and I hadn't read this yet. I saw it in the library recently, and wanted a break before starting in on the next novel.

How far? I'm most of the way through book 4 (of a 5-volume anthology).

I'm also reading a ton of manga: Tri-Gun (OK), Mobile Suit Gundam (excellent), Dragon Knights (terrible), as well as the first anthology volume of Whiteout (very good). All this is sort of filler before I start in on No Country for Old Men; I'm putting that off until I finish my film review for Fanpop.
over a year ago luckygirl21 said…
I Just finished Gone With the Wind. Now im 20 pages from being don with Sin Killer. and i have to read the 2 sequels for that
over a year ago luvrofedward said…
I am currently reading "Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn" by Sarah Miller. It sounded like a really interesting POV that the book is based from, and it looked great.
i found it on the website, amazing website, after i had typed in one of my favorite books.
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Now almost done with Interworld by Neil Gaiman & Michael Reeves

Why? Because I saw it whilst wandering the bookstore and ummm it's GAIMAN!

This could easily be read in one sitting as it's a YA book ofonly 239 pages, but I started it on Lars' day off so I didn't have uninterupted reading time yesterday. Will finish it today ;)
over a year ago SilentRevelry said…
I'm reading The Amber Spyglass part of His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman

Because the two books before this one were amazing (This is the last book in the series)! He is a wonderful writer.

How Far?
-About 80 pages in, it is about 350 pages
over a year ago Heptephobiac said…
"A" is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

Why: I'm really addicted to crime books right now and I finished all of Kathy Reichs's books (have to wait until August for the new one). I started reading Grafton's books in middle school, but got sidetracked, so now I'm starting all over again.

How far: Last Chapter!
over a year ago gracie08 said…
I'm reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the fourth time now. I usually reread all the books about once a year, and the time has come yet again, lol
over a year ago rosesarered said…
Reading The Rebel Angels by i can't remember. Its the one written in the early 1900's, not the Gemma Doyle one (although I liked that too!)

I'm reading it because my friend and I were exchanging book suggestions and this is what she reccomended.

I'm only like four chapters in, around where Parlabane invites Maria for food. Its really funny and interesting so far, but my English teacher caught me reading before I could get any further!
over a year ago gracie08 said…
you got in trouble with your ENGLISH teacher for READING?? where are you from? lol
over a year ago blisslikethis said…
i'm rereading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, which is the first book in the Thursday Next series. why? because they're amazing, but also because i'm lending the series to a friend come the summer and i wanted to reread them first.
i'm about halfway through it at the moment, and loving every minute!
over a year ago _lina_ said…
I'm reading Thornyhold by Mary Stewart

Why? Because someone recommended it to me, plus I'm waiting for all my chicklit holds to come into the library (what can I say, they're addicting).

How far: Only 40 pages in. I'm not liking it very much so far, but maybe that's because I'm not a huge fan of fantasy.
over a year ago ToastedRabbits said…
The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks.

I'm reading it for three reasons, I suppose. The first, my friend and her family recommended it to me and have told me it was very enjoyable. The second, I've read other Nicholas Sparks books and they were all wonderful. Lastly, I love to read. =)

I'm not very far at all. Perhaps ninety pages in, if that.
over a year ago dragonrider said…
I'm reading Red is for Remembrance because I read the other ones and I'm only on page 66
over a year ago _lina_ said…
21 Proms (a collection of short stories by a bunch of different authors)

Why: Because I gave up on Thornyhold (see above) and needed some light reading. And because someone somewhere recommended it to me.

How far: Only three stories left.
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Last half of the last book in the His Dark Materials series (The Amber Spyglass)

Why? I've read it before but it was long ago, and a recent rash of comments from some religious nutcase prompted me to read them again. heh. Fabulous series.
over a year ago Cinders said…
The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer)

A reread. For class. But fun nonetheless.

How far: The Miller's Tale (one of my favorites).
over a year ago cxt53 said…
The Portrait of a Marriage by Nigel Nicolson. Why? I'm reading it because it is a study of a very unconventional marriage where 2 bisexauls love each other happily. To allow for their natures, a open policy is adapted.
over a year ago ToastedRabbits said…
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet.

I'm reading it because of tweakpotter's recommendation video. It's rather good so far, I'm glad I took up the recommendation.

Ah, I'm about about halfway or so.
over a year ago thecon said…
Just reading 'Web' By John Wyndham

Why? Because it sounds strangely similar to lost, and so far it might as well be!

How far? Just finished chapter 2 with the history of the island... I sense danger though!!!
over a year ago Gabitha said…
Oh gosh - just to say i loved Red is for Remembrance - that whole series is great lol :D

I am reading Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb (for like the 1000 time). Its the second book in a Trilogy.

Why? Because i have been home sick from school for the past 3 weeks, im bored and its a great book to read :]

How far? I am just at the end, it kinka sucks when you have read the book so many times that the ending no longer makes you cry :D lol

over a year ago kitkat211 said…
"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Why: Because I loved the Twilight series

I am 268 pages in
over a year ago _lina_ said…
"Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris

Why: because someone here recommended it, and I needed a break from all the chick lit I consumed over the past few weeks.

How Far: bit more than half-way done
over a year ago Gabitha said…
Oh i read the Host a few weeks ago, are you enjoying it kitkat?
over a year ago ToastedRabbits said…
I'm reading The Host also.

Also because I loved the Twilight series. x)

I'm somewhere around 250 pages into it.

[Gabitha, I'm enjoying it myself. =) It's pretty good so far. What did you think of it?

Edit: Me Talk Pretty One Day, I though, was a great book as well! A nice relief from some of the more heavy books out there.]
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over a year ago dolphinlover16 said…
I'm reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Why: Because my grandma and mom said it was really good and that I should read it. That made me interested.

How far: I'm just over halfway through the book. I am really enjoying it. The writing is beautiful.
over a year ago Gabitha said…
Hi ToastedRabbits, I loved the Host, i thought it was a great book, though it did take me a few pages to really get into it once i did i enjoyed it all the way through! lol :D

btw i loved the kite runner, it is very well written! :]
over a year ago DrDevience said…
ToastedRabbits - Good Omens is one of my favorite books, by two of my favorite authors. How did you like it? Try American Gods next ;>

Right now I am half-way through 'A Dirty Job' by Christopher Moore, another of my all time favorite authors.

Tis about a regular kinda guy who gets put in the position of being Death. Funny as hell.

Why? Because I adore Moore's smart-assed writing style.

When I finish this tonight, I'm moving on to another of his books: 'You Suck' (about vampires with issues)
over a year ago ToastedRabbits said…
Awesome, Gabitha! :3 I finished the other day, I thought it was good as well. I liked how the ending went, everything was happening so fast and I was all 'What are they gonna dooo?! D:'

And I loved it, Dr.D. One of my favorites now, as well. And, American Gods? -writes that down- I'm going to an old antique/book shop today, and I'll keep an eye out for it. Though nothing is organized there and I doubt I will, but still.

I'm reading The Door Into Summer, again for the second time, by Robert A. Heinlein.

Why? It's one of my all-time favorite books and I wanted to read it again.

I'm about 1/4th done.

Edit;; I ebded up finding The Kite Runner there, so I got that. :D
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over a year ago 0hKneeKey said…
The Early Ayn Rand by Ayn Rand
about halfway through.
Its really good! the greatness of Ayn Rand is very under appreciated. i recommend it to anyone who has commitment to reading. (ayn rand works are hard to get through! ;D)
over a year ago tessajanuary said…
The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai

I literally just started it.

Why? Because my aunt is a AP English teacher and as part of my graduation present she sent me a bunch of books that she really likes. This is the first one I've started.
over a year ago szmootyi said…
The Complete Tales of the Unexpected by Roald Dahl
I'm at the 12th tale of the unexpected
Cuz I love Roald Dahl books (and they are reeeally scary sometimes:)
over a year ago karanicole93 said…
I am currently reading Fahrenheit 451 as an AP summer reading project. I'm about halfway through it.
over a year ago harold said…
On 26 June 2008, I am reading I, Claudius, which is a great book by Robert Graves. It's a fictionalized account of the Roman Empire through the first several Caesars. Just last night I watched the film The Other Boleyn Girl, and large parts of it reminded me of the madness of the Caesars (even though it wasn't a particularly good film, overall).
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
im currently reading The Missing By Jane Casey i just started it
over a year ago Mandarinaranja said…
"They came to Bagdad" by Agatha Christie.

I love crime books and I enjoy Agatha Christie's books. Sometimes she repeats some elements, but they're still fun to read.

How far?
20 pages? The main character (strong and smart young lady, just like in most of the books that don't feature one of her famous characters) has just decided to go to Bagdad to follow a guy she met while she was feeding birds.
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
"The Almost Moon" by Alice Sebold.

I loved "The Lovely Bones" so I decided to try another one of her books. :)

How far?
A couple of chapters.
over a year ago clevercaoimhe said…
i need more and i spend 20euros on books this month already!
over a year ago ttmrktmnrfn0830 said…
I had just finished Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead when my friend Kay recommended me Vampire Academy. Now I am going to read Sweet Blood because my friend Ashley recommended it to me.
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
just finished Dime Store Magic By Kelley Armstrong and started her next book Industrial Magic
over a year ago NewsgirlXRider said…
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Because my friend *made* me watch the musical, and consequently wanted me to read the book. Although I'm enjoying it immensely.

With the Wilbour translation, I'm on page 1,065. Jean Valjean takes his revenge. :)
over a year ago italiangirl976 said…
Hourgalss by Cludia Gray. I'm almost to 200 pages.
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over a year ago ambyie said…
Eye luv me some books. My aunt told me about this one and I thought I should read it. It is about a girl named Sita and she died at the age of 19 and was turned into a vampire by the devils son. So she has to save the world be killing all the bad guys and she is like an freaking ninja, no wait better. She kills any one that gets in her way and she has spunk most people wouldn't dare to have. Oh and she doesn't care what you think, and she tells you what she thinks down to the very pinpoint. The books name is THIRST! I'm on the seclink novel and on the third book in that novel/482 page and loving it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Wichard said…
"Dissolution" by C.J Sansom.

I love mystery novels, especially from the tudor period. Im only a few paged in, but very good so far.
over a year ago Babygirl92 said…
Pretty Little Liars series: Killer. o.o
Cause a friend's making me.
And Emily's POV of the grand opening --Or something like that-- of a hotel.
over a year ago monique2993 said…
big smile
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick.

WHY?: I love,love ,love science-fiction novels. I've read a few of Dick's other books previously (A Scanner Darkly, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Ubik) and found his work to be throughly interesting and enjoyable to read.

How Far Am I?: About a quarter of the way through it as I've been working alot this past week or so and have found no time whatsoever to read.=(
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
big smile
I'm reading The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks I'm really enjoying it so far i just saw the movie last week i really liked it as well so i guess I'm trying out the book now lol but i didn't really cry during it I've heard most people have bawled their eyes out at the film but i did cry when i saw A Walk To Remember which surprised me i didn't think i would lol
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
big smile
I have just finished Kelley Armstrong's Haunted and The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks and am currently reading Kelley Armstrong's next book Broken, Little Girl Lost By J.A Kerley and The Missing By Jane Casey(i know i posted that i started The Missing a few months ago but i find Kelley Armstrong's books very good so i just keep on reading those and leaving everything else lol but ill be sure to read it this time)
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
big smile
just finished Broken By Kelley Armstrong and will be starting her next book No Humans Involved soon and im still reading The Missing By Jane Casey but ill probably read Kelley Armstrong's book first lol
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over a year ago Mcc1 said…
big smile
still reading No Humans Involved By Kelley Armstrong
over a year ago night-rain said…
I'm currently reading Stragazer by claudia Gray. Í've read Evernight and loved it so that's why i'm reading the sequel. Um..i've almost read half of the book. I'm taking my time cuz i haven't gotten hourglass yet and i don't like waiting for books. So yeah:)