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Booth knew it was going to one of those days. It had started out with a call from Sweets to come to his office for one of his sessions. Booth was not looking progressivo, para a frente to it, because he and bones have not resolved the marriage problem and it is one mês today that they have been married.

Booth arrived late to Sweets office as usual and bones was already sitting there waiting. She looked deep in thought and Sweets was looking at his watch as if to say ‘you are late’.
Booth sat down and waited for Sweets to say something.
Sweets: “I sense a change in your working relationship. Is there something the two of you are not telling me?”
Booth: “I have no idea of what you are talking about. We have been working the way we normally work. Nothing has changed.”
Bones: “We are still the same what makes you ask?”
Sweets: “Well I noticed the other dia when Agent Booth was talking with Agent Perotta, Dr. Brennan you appeared displeased.”
Bones: “I was not displeased I just was curious what she was asking Booth.”
Sweets: “OK, Agent Booth what did Agent Perotta talk to you about.”
Booth who was looking a little uncomfortable answered: “Well if you must know she wanted to know if I would like to have a drink with her sometime.”
bones turned to look at him with a very cold expression which let Booth know she was not thrilled.
Bones: “So Agent Piranha asked you out.”
Sweets and Booth both looked at bones when they heard her say Agent Piranha.
Sweets: “Why would you care Dr. Brennan?”
Bones: “I don’t. It just proves that men cannot have a monogamous relationship.”
Booth with an affronted tone: “Wait a minuto I believe in monogamy and I would never cheat on anyone that I am involved with unlike some of your ideas about relationships.”
Bones: “My ideas. What’s wrong with my ideas?”
Booth: “The idea that engaged couples can still encontro, data other people. That man cannot be monogamous.”
Bones: “Well what did you tell her?”
Booth: “I told her NO, what is it Bones, are you concerned that Agent Piranha will sink her teeth into me?”
bones sat there with a look of censure and Booth glared back. Sweets looked at both of them and thought there was definitely something that is going on and he may need to pergunta other individuals to find out what it is. Just then Agent Booth’s phone rang. He listened intently and as soon as the call ended, he got up and said. “I need to go there is a protest rally that has gotten out of hand.”
He looked at bones and added. “I’ll call you later. We need to talk.” Booth then rushed out of the office.
bones watched as Booth left the room and turned back to Sweets with a concerned expression on her face. Sweets noticed and asked. “Is there something you want to talk about?”
“No. I should get back to work too.” With that Brennan left the office and headed back to the lab. As she was walking she thought about what had just happened in Sweets office. She knew rationally she should not be upset that Agent Perotta had asked Booth out but it did bother her. She had to realize that not everyone knew that she and Booth are married and maybe it might be better that they set the record straight. When Booth calls later she will talk to him about it.

Sweets was in his office thinking about this new development when margarida showed up to have lunch. As she came into the room she saw that he was in deep thought and asked what he was thinking about.
“Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth.” He answered.
“Oh then you heard.”
“Heard what?”
“They got married. I know I should have told you but everyone is keeping it a secret. Of course practically everyone knows which is why I don’t think it is a secret anymore.” margarida rambled.
“So they got married.”
“Yes isn’t it wonderful, but you didn’t hear it from me.” She squeaked.
Sweets thought about Dr. Brennan being married to Booth, this would explain the display of jealousy, but why have they not disclosed the marriage. He would have to discuss this with them on their seguinte session especially since this may affect their partnership. Having clarified the problem in his mind, he turned to margarida and said. “Ready for lunch if you are.”

As Sweets and margarida were having lunch, Booth was in the middle of a protest about health care reform that was turning ugly. It seems that some of the protestors had barricaded themselves in the Federal Health and Welfare building which is why he was called out. The protestors comprised of young and old alike. As Booth approached the building with the other agents and the DC police, he was thinking mais about bones and her apparent jealousy of Agent Perotta and did not see the old man in a motorized wheelchair charging at him full speed. The old man hit Booth with the wheelchair full on and knocked him down and then proceeded to stab him several times with a pocket knife.
Other agents quickly pulled the old man and his wheelchair off of Booth but not before Booth was pretty well bloodied and cut.

At the hospital, the administrator was admitting Booth into emergency and she asked for a contact name. Booth told her to call Dr. Temperance Brennan his partner. As they took him into the emergency room to attend to his wounds, the emergency room nurse called Bones. She told bones that her partner Agent Booth was in the emergency room, and that she may want to bring him a change of clothes.
bones asked. “How badly is he hurt?”
Nurse: “They are examining him now, the doctor said it is only minor wounds but he is covered in blood.”
Bones: “I’ll be right there.”
Nurse: “He will be here for awhile, so please don’t rush. But he will need some clothes.”

As soon as she hung up the phone, bones rushed out of the office to her car. She thought of nothing but rushing to Booth’s side, but the nurse did say that the wounds were minor so she might as well go to Booth’s apartment and get some clothes.

Brennan quickly stopped at Booth’s apartment. She knew where the spare key was hidden and she quickly packed up some of his clothes in addition to a change of clothes. She thought if he is hurt, then he will need to stay at her place so she can take care of him. She loaded the clothes in her tronco, porta-malas and then headed for the hospital.

As she entered the emergency room, she was approached por Agent Charlie Burns who said. “Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth is in room three and the doctor is with him now.”
Bones: “What happened?”
Charlie: “He was run down por an old man in a wheelchair and then stabbed several times por the same old man.”
Bones: “Booth didn’t shoot him?”
Charlie: “No, because he knew how it would look to all those TV cameras typing the protest. He managed to get the faca out of the man’s hands and turn off the engine to his wheelchair. The man is in custody now and will be charged for assaulting a federal officer.”
Bones: “I need to see Booth.”
She quickly walked down the hall to room three, as she started to enter the room a nurse stopped her.
Nurse: “I’m sorry you cannot go in there now. The doctor is examining a patient now.”
Bones: “I’m looking for Agent Booth, my name is Dr. Temperance Brennan and someone called me to come here.”
Nurse: “Oh, Dr. Brennan that was me. Agent Booth gave us your name to contact, but right now he is with the doctor and may not be dressed.”
Bones: “I brought his clothes.”
Nurse: “I can take them in for you.”
Bones: “I want to see Booth.”
Nurse: “I’m sorry but as his partner, you need to wait in the waiting room.”
Bones: “I’m not only his partner, I’m also his wife and I have seen him naked before.”
Nurse: “In that case go right in.”

bones entered the room and saw the doctor putting a bandage on Booth’s upper leg. She could see the pile of bloody clothes and Booth barely covered por a sheet.
Booth: “Bones.”
Bones: “Booth, are you all right?”
Booth: “Just a couple of cuts nothing to worry about.”
Nurse: “Doctor, this is Agent Booth’s wife Dr. Temperance Brennan.”
Doctor: “Mrs. Booth your husband is fine and he can go início today. I see that you did bring a change of clothes. May I talk with you for a moment while the nurse finishes with the dressings?
Bones: “Certainly.”

The doctor takes Brennan outside of the room.

Doctor: “Mrs. Booth, I would suggest that you may wish to refrain from having sexual intercourse with your husband for at least tonight.”
Brennan: “Why did his penis or testicles get injured?”
Doctor who was surprised por bones candor said. “Uh no it is just that your husband was pretty banged up por the wheelchair and we will be giving him a muscle inhibitor as well as some pain medication.”
Brennan: “I understand.”
bones went back into the room with Booth who now at least had his shorts on. Even as he protested, she helped him finish dressing.
Booth: “What did the doctor say to you?”
Bones: “Just that you need rest to recuperate.”
Booth: “Nothing else?”
Bones: “No nothing important.”

As bones was driving toward her apartment, Booth said. “Bones just take me to my apartment. I will be fine.”
Bones: “No Booth we are going início to my apartment. Besides I have already packed up some of your clothes.”
Booth thought better of arguing with her about this and if he stayed at her place for a few days they could then discuss and resolve what to do about the marriage. So he just sat back and relaxed until they got to her place.

When they got to her place she made Booth rest on the sofá while she put his clothes in the bedroom and changed her outfit into something mais comfortable. As she came out of the bedroom she saw that Booth was almost asleep on the sofá so she went over to him, placed a blanket over him and put a travesseiro under his head. About an hora later he stirred and saw her sitting in a chair reading.
“Sorry Bones, I must have been tired.”
“That’s OK. Do you want something to eat? I could make some macaroni and cheese or I can order Thai food.”
“The macaroni and cheese sounds great. I am a little hungry. Can I help?”
“Well if it will not conflict with the medicines the doctor gave you, you could open this bottle of wine for dinner.”
“Don’t worry Bones; they only gave me an antibiotic. They gave me some pills for pain if I need them, but I have not taken any.”

They were sitting in the living room on the sofá having an after jantar drink when Booth asked. “Bones, what is it that you want to do about this marriage? Now is as good a time as any to discuss this since no one will bother us here.”
“Booth, I have thought about it and have analyzed various scenarios and here are some of my results.”
“You analyzed this?” Booth looked at her before he said. “Go ahead tell me your results.”
bones took a deep breath before she started to talk.
“Well the first scenario was to act as if nothing ever happened. The result is that other people already know about it and we cannot deny that it happened. Also if you want to actually get married you could be arrested for bigamy.”
“Thank you Bones.”
“Second scenario, we acknowledge the marriage and we get a divorce, but then we would be separated as partners which neither of us wants. Conclusion we do not divorce.”
Booth didn’t want to suggest the idea of an annulment but he knew if he did not he would feel that he had tricked bones into staying married. So he took a deep breath when he said. “What about, just admitting that we were tricked into getting married and having it annulled?”
bones looked at Booth and considered that idea before she answered. “Booth first no one would believe that both of us were tricked and segundo that after all this time we have not had sex. Forget the idea of an annulment.”
“Forgotten, Bones.” Booth answered. He felt a sigh of relief and then he asked. “Was there another scenario?”
“Well the final scenario I considered would be we stay married but we could encontro, data other people if we want.” bones looked at Booth to see his reaction and this time she could not read him. He was just looking at her not believing what he heard. She then added. “Booth at first I construed this to be the best solution until I saw you with Agent Perotta. I have to admit I did not like her asking you out.” Again she waited for his reaction.
“Bones I told you before that Agent Perotta will never come between us.”
Booth knew it was now or never. He would have to tell bones how he really feels. He shifted progressivo, para a frente on the couch, put down his glass on the coffee mesa, tabela and took her left hand in his and said. “Bones I will do anything for you but this scenario I will not accept.”
“Then what should we do Booth?”
“Bones there is one mais scenario you have not considered but you have to decide. I need you to know how I feel about you. The inscription in this ring is for you and you alone. I want us to stay married and BE married.” Booth looked into her face as he said this waiting for her to pull her hand away but she just placed her other hand over his and looked into his face.
Finally she said. “Booth I would never pergunta your veracity, your honesty or your truthfulness but you do know that you have made a very long term commitment with what you wrote.”
“I know.”
“Booth I just want to make sure I understand. You want to ‘be’ with me.”
“Yes I want to ‘be’ with you. I will never leave, disappear, abandon, desert or forsake you and I want you to know this.”
“I recognize that Booth. You do acknowledge that there is no ‘end of time’”
Booth rose to his feet still holding her hand. He looked down on her and responded. “Exactly.”
Bone thought about the whole inscription that was written just for her. ‘I will amor you and be with you ‘til the end of time’ as she looked up at Booth.
Booth could see it in her eyes as he pulled her onto her feet. As he drew her closer to him he uttered. “Temperance, did anyone ever tell you that you think too much?”
“Yes, Seeley, my husband does.”
“What is your decision regarding this last scenario?”
“I did say I do, didn’t I.”
“Yes you did.”
With that he surrounds her with his arms and tenderly kisses her lips. She responds with mais fervor until both of them are breathless. He then gently lifts her into his arms and carries her to the bedroom.

This is not the end but the beginning.
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Booth couldn't believe what he was hearing, and as soon as he sneaked out of his office he went to the Jeffersonian. He stopped at the door.
(wow she really looks like Bones...) - he thought
-Booth, hey, I didn't expected to see you so soon. - Brennan said. She was nervous because she was worried how Booth will react. Or better yet, how Hannah will react...
-Yeah, got as soon as I could. Where is the program ? - he whispered
-Excuse me, alive person over here... - said Ashleigh
-Oh Ashleigh, I'm sorry, this is special agent Seeley Booth, he is doctor Brennan's partner. - said Angela
-Partners like......
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