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posted by ravenwalker
Loki walker has introduced to his friends his son, wife, and the servants of the family

first is Ankouku

Loki: This boy is my Treasure his name is Ankouku, my first son. everyone looked up in the stairs to see Ankouku Walker. and his young brother akimoto. Akimoto were so Nervous so he talks to his brother.
Akimoto: Brother i'm so scared...i feel there will be accident that will happen....
Ankouku looked at him and tap his head
ankouku: don't worry i'm also scared and nervous at what will happened seguinte Aki-chan so don't worry!

raven: the time has come Luci
lucifer: yes master
raven and his servants and comrades were attacked por the anjos of god or known as
"White Arkist" they all injured but raven bite Ankouku and Akimoto's neck to form the contract and foca, selo