Authored by Bluecherry6765

HALF*BLOOD is a fantasy novel written by Alex Grisham, a young teenaged artist and author. Alex Grisham goes by many names online, the most noticeable being: Ebaychargers (twitter), Sunnystar454567 (deviantart), Huffle_Pufflin (wattpad), and Sunnystar208 (youtube). HALF*BLOOD has a large number of characters, most of them being royalty in some way. The plot of HALF*BLOOD is simple; Prince Andromedus comes home after being overseas for years, and after being convinced by his sister to take her to Ireai (EYE-REE), he meets the marriage escapee Asthen. The inhabitants of Ireai, called Helliunds (HELL-EE-UNDS), convince him to take her back to Overwing. King Kazantzakis (KA-ZAHN-T-ZAK-ISS) of Underfall is angered by the fact his wife-to-be ran away to the neighboring kingdom, and starts a war. By the end of the war, King Kazantzakis is dead and the last living heirs to the Overwing throne take over the kingdom of Underfall. Though, the illegitimate heir to the Underfall throne is planning something..

Overall, HALF*BLOOD has a good balance between fantasy, action, and romance. Be sure to watch out for updates on the HALF*BLOOD world whenever you can. Chapter Two coming soon..