katara's human form

name:katara sanada




favorito things:talking with zampacto,cooking

zampaco name:aka kage-oohi(red shadow queen)

shekai relese:conceal(kakushimasu)

spirit appearece:long beautiful long white hair,red eyes,snow white skin,long black cloak

bankai relese:shroud the world in your everlasting darkness

bankai name:reitan na aka kage-oohi(cold hearted red shadow queen)

spirit world: a large black castelo surrounded por black red clouds

backround info:katara is yukimuras oldest sister. her innocent face makes her
appear weak but her fighting is said to be that of a captains level. she masterd
bankai at 18 and managed to become freinds with her zampacto who is said to be the coldest heartless spirit in exsistence.

favorito battle technique:under yoroichi's teachings her shunpo is unbeilevebly fast,during battle she uses a technique
she calls fast foot where she uses shunpo to create clones to disoreant her opponent and strikes from all directions