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Fan fiction by Maoukii posted faz 1 mês
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A very very old story I wrote several years ago. Only just now, have I finally gained the courage to post it here. My accuracy of how I portrayed a lot of what I wrote may or may not be that much but it was written with how I perceived things. I understand interpretations are not always correct but I really hope this was as close as possible to maybe being at least a little. Also the título might not be too fitting.... Well despite that I hope you like it anyways.


The passing of days. The passing hours. The minutes. The seconds. Time drudges on as the coração slowly beats growing fonder. Longing for the one who was furthest away. This was how it felt to Rangiku. Unable to see the face of the one she loves made it painful at times but, her coração grew ever fonder of him.

Counting each passing second, staring off into distance. Wondering. Just wondering. Where could he have run off this time? gin, gim often disappeared without a word. Here for a moment. Gone the next. A mystery that left her wondering with many curious questions. He never spoke of where he was going. If she so managed to get just one...
Opinion by NagisaFurukawa- posted faz 4 meses
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Bleach Live Action Movie.
So i watched the Live action Bleach Movie on Netflix with my younger brother. It is a good movie. I liked how it stayed true to the Bleach story. Other than that,the live action Bleach Movie is spot on. Glad they did not fully mess up with this movie. Hope they make another one.

I feel that Netflix and Warner brothers did a good job on this movie. People out there in the world need to stop comparing animê live actions to the episodes. It's like how Marvel and DC filmes change and is not similar to the comics and desenhos animados sometimes. And the fãs are like that was so unexpected and cool. Yet Anime,Manga and Vocaloid fãs freak out when animê changes live action filmes a little from the original series. And fãs of animê and mangá need to calm down. And stop trying to ruin the good stuff we get that is live action animê Movies. So Anime/manga fãs gotta give credit where credit is due. The Movie was entertaining. Sure some parts where changed a little. And cut out. But it still a great series none the less.
Guide by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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'Can't fear your own world'
"This artigo Contains Spoilers Took Place After bleach mangá Left Off "

With four out of the seven previews out, I thought it may be time to gather all the scattered information together into one post.
First off, I would like to thank Missstormcaller, u/schneizel and LoN for providing translations and summaries and u/hypnodarkrai for providing the chapters. Without them we probably would have to rely on inaccurate summaries for years, like it was the case with Spirits are forever with you, which surprisingly turned out to be a well written book.
But now, without further ado, let's start with the information:
Title: Can't fear your own world
Author: Ryoga Narita
Released previews: 4 out of 7
Release of the physical book: August 4
According to Narita, Kubo did provide information and details for the novel, which makes it canon. At least when it comes to the reveals.

Synopsis and previews:
Synopsis 1:
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World will be released on the 4th of August 2017, on Jump j Books. This new novel follows on on Bleach manga, it’s created por Durarara!!’s author Ryohgo Narita, which will be serialised every other Friday on their Jump+ digital platform. New visuals and the novels antagonists are also shown below!

The story of Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World follows Hisagi Shuhei, vice captain of the 9th Squad and editor and chief of the Seireitei communication. He investigates a mystery leading newly revealed secrets about the Nobel Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Preparing the release of the new novel, Tite Kubo draws imagens of the villain’s of the novel: Tokinada Tsunayashiro, and his protege, Hikone
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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This year's 35th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is revealing on Monday that the seguinte game inspired por Tite Kubo's Bleach mangá will be for the LINE social media and messaging app. The game, titled Bleach: Paradise Lost, is slated to launch for iOS and Android devices this year.

The "Bankai 3D tag role-playing game" will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. In the game, players will become Shinigami (Soul Reapers) to protect the real world from Hollows. The game will use GPS location data to allow players to defend their own neighborhoods from Hollows.

The Soul Society's 13 Court Guard Squads and group from the World of the Living will also appear in the game. The story mode will recreate famous scenes set in the town of Karakura and the Soul Society. Battles will be turn-based, and players will be able to use their own unique decks and character skills in battle.

KLab Global launched the língua inglês version of its Bleach: Valente Souls iOS and Android game worldwide in January 2016. The game launched in Japão in July 2015, and it has mais than 22 million downloads worldwide.
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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Ichigo Kurosaki as (Shinsuke Sato)
The official Bleach website for the upcoming Live-Action Bleach film posted up a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie today. The teaser trailer displays Ichigo Kurosaki (Shinsuke Sato) gaining Shinigami abilities and cutting of a Hollow’s hand.

The film will centre around the Substitute Shinigami Arc which was the manga’s first, running from volume 1 to volume 8.

As revealed , Live-Action Bleach movie will open in Japão in Summer 2018. Alongside this, we see Ichigo Kurosaki played por Sota Fukushi

The text on the visual above says “Shinigami, Meeting” which seems to point at Ichigo and his new Shinigami powers, as well as the first time he meets a Shinigami, or rather should I mention Rukia Kuchiki.

From the trailer and visuals revealed, I am personally very happy at how awesome it looks. It definitely reminds me of the good days of Ichigo when he first obtained his powers. Plus we get to see Ichigo cut the hands of the first Hollow. I’m definitely hyped about it and can’t wait to see more.
Fan fiction by RizingSun13 posted over a year ago
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Chiyo: "Sometimes Shinigami's have to do what is neccesary, but not necessarily right. The life of a Grand Master is never easy, you're always going to disappoint someone. But we are called to do what is right for our subordinates. Not for ourselves." Those were the words I live por in those days, and I honored them above all else. Chiyo was currently on his balcony overlooking the gardens. It has been so hot in the house last night that he had gotten very little sleep, currently well represented por the bags under his eyes. At the moment all he dawned was the lower half on his kimono. His chest bare save for a long bandage soaked through with blood, the last gift from his dying father. The sun had almost peaked over the forest, and sent shades through the árvore tops. But there was still something daunting about the blackness. For a segundo Chiyo almost see his mother working the soil in the garden below him, but he knew this was just a illusion a trick of his mind. There was a light knock on his door, that took his attention away, and when he looked back she was gone. "It's open Hinatori come in." Hinatori was his personal assistant, and body guard sent por Katsurou when he couldn't...
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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We’ve known that Bleach mangá is in its final arc, it seems as though the time has come as Bleach 685 will be the final Bleach mangá chapter! Weekly Shonen Jump 35 seems to have posted the ending notice in Bleach 684 as a colour page and climax will be featured in Bleach 685.

The Ending notice:


Translates to: Colour Page and Special 15th Anniversary Super Legendary Climax.

This message appears in Bleach 684 which leads to Bleach 685 being the end of Bleach manga. The message also points to Nisekoi mangá also ending in the seguinte issue with an extended 25 page chapter.

YonkouProductions, person who is confirming this, also mentions that in Japanese, the term “climax” is synonymous to finale. Plus the fact that a colour page and legendary ending is being mentioned points and confirms the end of Bleach with chapter 685. They also mention that there is a “chance” for an epilogue spinoff, but nothing is...
Fan fiction by RizingSun13 posted over a year ago
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This is a fã fiction I wrote for a local contest that it won. A friend of mine, wanted me to upload it to here so she might read it. I will be doing it in chapters so it's not to much to read all at once hope you enjoy. So without further ado let's explorer the origins to our favorito story.


* Long before Central 46, and the Shinigami battled hollows.While Seireitei, and the Shinigami order were still young. Seireitei was divided between 3 major houses first the house of Sakura who controlled the lands to the South of East, and made their living from the orchards, and the Sakura trees. segundo the Ren-Aira house who controlled the lands to the North, and West, and made their living por mining Sekei rock. Lastly the Genresei house, who controlled the coração of Seireitei, and made their living por taxing others. But rumors of war, and of another house rising in power hung in the air. This Kuchiki family was gaining power por taking land from the other families, and threatened the stability of Seireitei, and its inhabitants.
Opinion by rukiajade posted over a year ago
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ichigo and rukia are amazing
name: jade rukia
Hight: 5'2
weight: 140
eye color :blue
Hair color: brown with natural blonde highlights
anyone i like 1 but he broke my coração
who i wish i could be like ichigo kurosaki or Rukia kuchinki

likes: sword fighting and fighting my brother
dislikes banana and not fighting or winning

ablitites are to transform to to the hollow world.

strength: very powerful can knock my brother out
i like to sing and fight mainly fight i amor meeting new people and i am funny and know to have fun in any situation
Fan fiction by Aul posted over a year ago
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This is a brief excerpt from a book I'm writing. My book has been heavily inspired por Bleach and I think any fã of Bleach would enjoy it!

Protagonist: John Hedekira

I am surprised when I wake up. I cough as I regain consciousness, which hurts to do so. I am still in pain, but all I can think about is why I am not dead. I should have bled to death. I am uncertain what to make of this.
But one thing is certain. My mood has changed. “What am I doing?” I think furiously to myself. “Those beasts left you to die, to die a slow death. They roubou Soror and Frater. And I don’t know why, but maybe they have something to do with my parents disappearing!” I clench the floor with my hand, squeezing as hard as I can. “Look at me!” I think, gritting my teeth and huffing, “How dare they make me so pathetic! How dare they make me despair so that I willingly waste away?” I push myself to my feet. I scoop up a handful of blood and let it run out of my hand. With my other hand I grip my sword beside me. And this time I speak aloud, roaring, “And how dare they do this to my life!?”
Opinion by DarkJules posted over a year ago
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Sternritter- D (The Demon)

Name: Damien Sterben

    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black with the tips of his hair purple.
    Standard Quincy Outfit (but without sleeves).
    With Quincy capa that covers his left side.
    Tattoos on both arms.
    Black Fingerless Gloves (Removes when going into battle.)
    Kanji for Hate written on the palm of his right hand & Black on his left.

Fighting Style:
    Not physically strong, relies on speed & “The Demon” ability.

    The Demon
1.    Pit coração (?)-Amplifies the darkness in one’s heart, and makes the person turn on their allies. This ability can also affect Zanpakutou.
Fan fiction by whiteflame55 posted over a year ago
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The city gleamed in the late afternoon sunset, windows reflecting the rosa, -de-rosa and red hues of the sky to create a panoply of of color as it refracted off of a jungle of metal buildings that twisted across the breadth of the island. The sky was ablaze with that natural light, but the ground level was lit por the electric, despite the early hour. Neon and holographic imagens glowed brightly on every street, virtually ignored por the passersby in spite of their common purpose being advertisement. Crystal screens flickered on with imagens of all sorts, speaking in all manner of languages to convey a bevy of messages, most of which went unheard, though the sounds of vehicles rocketing down the roadways threatened to drown them out.

New York was an assault on the senses, holding within its confines a synthetic beauty that was broadly appreciated, but only from afar. Within its expansive recesses, it was easy to feel overwhelmed, especially por the strangely inviting Times Square, where all those lights and sounds were most cacophonous, almost a siren's song of music, shouts and traffic.
List by Ryuuikari posted over a year ago
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#22 Tentaisenkō
#31 Sanka Kashi
#43 Mippū Kōzan Tsudzuru
#44 Zenchi no Chikaku
#50 Reitamamono
#67 Reigiman
#81 Aiganchō Niwatori
#83 Chikyūenge
#84 Gosentetsukasanegi
#86 Damasumuro
#87 Tenkyū
#88 Hōbutsumenkū
#89 Rensakami
#90 Kurokakusui
#91 Rippō Dankū
#92 Jigen no Kiji Azarashi
#96 Sōkōsha Kiseichū no
#97 Hikkakeru Konsuterēshon
#98 Kigen ga Nekusasu
#104 Sendaichi Kabe
#120 Kenja no Eien Gōu

#47 Jōshō Chikyū
#50 Uwamuki Haishutsu
#57 Kokutsu Ninijizi
#58 Ōsutoraria Setsudan
#62 Garasu no Jūdan
List by Ryuuikari posted over a year ago
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Jōshō Chikyū (Ascending Earth)
#: 47
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user places their hand on the ground in front of them causing a multitude of earth spikes to pierce outwards from the ground.

Uwamuki Haishutsu (Upward Discharge)
#: 50
Incantation: n/a
Description: The region designated por the caster is flooded with energy, creating a pillar of energy that spouts from the ground, scorching anything inside.

Kokutsu Ninijizi (Sage Leaves)
#: link
Incantation: n/a
Description: An eddy of sparkling green dust envelops the victim’s immediate area. The swirling dust focuses on the victim, latching onto their skin and preventing them from breathing. The dust dances around the victim, sweeping across their body and tearing their flesh from them.
List by Ryuuikari posted over a year ago
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Tentaisenkō (Celestial Flash)
#: 22
Incantation: Gather the feelings and ready to fight! cadastrar-se them powerfully with its might! Fill the darkness with the light!
Description: The user tightly clasps their hands together and then releases a flash of exceedingly blinding bright white light from their entire body; the flash of light can also be restricted to be emitted from just the user’s hands. The flash of light lasts for just over a second; the duration is longer if the incantation is used. The user’s vision is unaffected por the bright light while this spell is used.

Sanka Kashi (Three Song Asphyxia)
#: 31
Incantation: Hold them with humility, let them know their failures, rid them of atmospheres.
Description: Three chain-like arms, made from yellow spiritual energy, grab the target around their neck, squeezing tight enough to restrict breathing but only to the point where it is uncomfortable. If the incantation is used, the chain-like arms squeeze to the point of choking and where...
Fan fiction by whiteflame55 posted over a year ago
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Yasashiku stood on the grounds once known as the Sōkyoku (Twinned Punishment) Hill, a large, rocky mesa located at the center of the Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls) in Soul Society. Atop this bluff, one could see for miles around in the clear air, taking in the beautiful sights of the buildings composed entirely of spirit particles in all directions. Or at least, it might have been considered beautiful, had the audience been just Shinigami such as herself.

But the audience was those that were on death row. It was meant to be a soothing final sight for those who faced their death here. It tainted that beauty.

No executions happened here anymore. The vast majority of executions had always taken place in pitched battles, now that sufficed as the sole method aside from lifelong imprisonment. It wasn't because they suddenly considered this to be barbaric, though it might be considered as such. It wasn't because it was overly elaborate, requiring extensive ceremony and tremendous investment por powerful captains, though that might have been enough given the circumstances.
Fan fiction by whiteflame55 posted over a year ago
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oi guys,

This is a fã fiction I wrote for Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 fã Fiction Contest. I figured I'd post it here as well, share it around. For those who are interested, almost all of the character modelos came from ones I'd made and used on two rather large RPs on this fã site.


If there's enough interest, I'll continue the story down the line. Hope you enjoy it!

The dunes of Hueco Mundo were still and silent. Not a breath was exhaled, not a puff of air stirred. A few shrubs peaked out the sand here and there, but little else in the way of life was visible. All trees had long since been felled, and not a single Hollow was in evidence for miles in any direction. Despite the endless night, a thick, sickly heat covered the landscape.
List by sunshinedany posted over a year ago
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Bleach Characters Birthday List

Shihouin Yoruichi [1], Ikkanzaka Jiroubou [8], Jidanbou [10] , Kuchiki Rukia [14], Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni [21], Loly Aivirrne [27], Kuchiki Byakuya [31]
Yadoumaru Risa [3], Soi Fong [11], Kusajishi Yachiru [12], Cirucci Sanderwicci [27], Iemura Yasochika [29]
Ishida Ryuuken [14], Ootoribashi Roujurou [17], Ishida Souken [22], Don Kanonji [23], Kira Izuru [27] , Kurotsuchi Mayuri & Kurotsuchi Nemu [30]
Asano Keigo, Yamada Hanatarou, Kuna Mashiro [1], Asano Mizuho [2], Yammy Llargo [3], Hanakari Jinta [4], Sado Yasutora [7], Ogidou Harunobu [14], Unohana Retsu [21], Aaroniero Arruruerie [23], Nel Tu/Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck [24]
5. MAY
Oomaeda Marechiyo, Oomaeda Marenoshin [5], Kurosaki Karin & Kurosaki Yuzu [6], Hirako Shinji [10], Tsukabishi Tessai [12], Tesra Lindocruz [13], Kuchiki Soujun [21], Kojima Mizuiro [23], Pesche Guatiche [25], Aizen Sousuke [29]
News by AllanahDew posted over a year ago
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Yamamoto has become softer
He is still without his left arm
Though he has not changed physically, he does have some inner changes.


Her hair is shorter and straight now
Her arm was restored due to new technology in the Gotei 13.


His look is modeled after an English gentleman
Kubo chose to re-add Rose to the Third Division because he and Kira are well suited for each other


Kubo says he feels his bankai would be a little nauseating


Unohana will fight in the upcoming arc
The true form of her Zanpakuto will be seen
When she fights, she unravels her braid


Shinji's bangs have changed since his hair would not grow that much in 17 months
Kubo would like to draw how Shinji and Momo have developed a trusting relationship.
Review by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted over a year ago
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Ichigo Kurosaki

I was stupid, yet
Courageous in
Heading to face
Impending doom,
Going as weak as
Only a human can be.

Kind of funny, how
Unlikely enemies
Round up allies that,
Over time, become
Some of the best
And kindest people a
Kid could know
In this world.

I've gained a power
Some call 'dangerous'.

Some other being, a
Thing inside me,
Reeling with belief that
Our body will
Never be mine,
Grows strong inside.

Almost taking control,
Never alone, yet I
Don't let him for long.

Bright light can't
Release this
Atrocious being,
Violently fighting his
Eviction from my soul
I'll win in the end, I just know it.
- Ichigo Kurosaki
Fan fiction by blackpanther666 posted over a year ago
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[The New Shinigami! The Owner of Bushi Katagi, the Sword of the Samurai!!!]

Ryuki walked out of the Shino Academy, a few minutos after the graduation had ended. He was finally a Shinigami and had been accepted into the wrong squad! He was hoping to be selected for the 11th Division, underneath Captain Dakunosuke, also known as Kenpachi Dakuno. Instead, he was given over to the 6th Division, who was captained por the descendant of a famous, former Captain (from over 2,000 years ago, known as Byakuya Kuchiki), whose name was Zanade Kuchiki, also head of the Kuchiki Clan. To make matters worse, Zanade was the only Captain he had actually met face to face and seemed to have something against him... Though, that might just be his personality. It was legend that the men of the Kuchiki Clan were cold, calm and never showed emotion, therefore, he supposed that Zanade was just like that.

'Man... Just my luck... Couldn't I just have been selected for the 11th squad instead?' he said to himself, just as another young Shinigami bumped into him.
Article by unohana posted over a year ago
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Orihime: uh um Would you. . .marry me? *blush*

Chad: *gets in one knee* ...........marry me?

Uryu: Take this ring with quincy pride.

Ichigo: Would you like to fight por my side...for the rest of our lifes? *shows ring*

Tatsuki: hey! I want to marry you! Lets go

Chizuru: Want to be my partner for life?

Keigo: haha! Hey! Want to be my wife?!

Mizuiro: Want to be my bride?

Ururu: um um to husband?*Looks away and shows ring*

Jinta: I am gonna marry you and you will like it!

Yoruichi: I wish to marry you, handsome.

Urahara: I am the mais handsome comprar keeper there is, what mais can you ask for? Be my wife.

Tessai: I will cook for you for the rest of my life.

Hiyori: I want to marry you baldy!

Lisa: I will you let you borrow my magazines if you say yes to my question, would you marry me?
Article by unohana posted over a year ago
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1. “Am I still
asleep? Because
you’re way too
gorgeous to be
2. “I’m a dual
sword-user. That
means I’m good
with both hands."
3. “Let’s play a
game! If I step in
your shadow, then
I have to buy you
a drink."
4. “Your beauty is
mais intoxicating
than a jug of sake
- and I would
5. “My lema is -
‘Make love, not
6. “I like a woman
who tells me what
to do. And man,
am I ever hoping
that you’ll tell me
to have a drink
with you!"
7. “Wow! You’re
hotter than Yama-
jii’s bankai!"
8. “Let’s not play
games. If you like
what you see as
much as I do,
then let’s get out
of here.
9. “I always
thought I was
good at making an
entrance. But
man! When you
walked in, it was
like the rest of the
room vanished!"
Article by unohana posted over a year ago
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Kyoraku: YES
Nanao: A simple
“yes, please"
would have
sufficed, captain!
Kyoraku: That
wouldn’t have
expressed the full
extent of my
feelings, Nanao-
Drama queen.
Iba: Yes!! If Nanao
and I date, then
the men’s and
women’s soul
associations will
unite! Then maybe
the MSRA will
«cheerfully» But
probably we
Isane: Lieutenant
Ise is really pretty.
I wish I were that
Lisa: Is she? I
mean, I haven’t
seen her for a
hundred years, so
I wouldn’t know.
It’s a little weird
that you still ship
us, fans.
Nanao: You read
manga. You
should know
about fans.
Lisa: I do. They’re
Ikkaku: The