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It’s seguro to say that Gossip Girl’s reigning hottie couple, Penn Badgely and Blake Lively, are the cutest couple ever!

OK! caught up with the pair over Super Bowl Weekend at the Direc TV Celebrity de praia, praia Bowl party in Tampa, Florida, where they shared some of their favorito things to do as a couple.

“Umm…we like to go out to dinner!” Blake told OK! with a smile on her face. “I would say the most amazing experience we have together is living in the city,” Penn adds. “It’s the time in between when you’re walking from a restaurant to a theater or whatever. Just being able to...
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Blake, only 21, recently became one of the youngest atrizes to ever make the cover of American Vogue. Marie Claire caught up with her on the Gossip Girl set to talk cachorro, filhote de cachorro love, cachorro, filhote de cachorro cachorros and how she almost turned down the role of Serena.

*What has Serena furgão, van der Woodsen been up to today?
I find out I’m throwing a surprise sweet-sixteen for Jenny. Then I find out that someone else is having a party on the same night. These are really serious issues we have to deal with!

*Are you surprised por the impact Gossip Girl has had?
Just the fact that it’s airing anywhere else is unbelievable. It feels...
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Spotted: S and B at Rogue Tomate filming MOnday night’s season finale of “Gossip Girl,” discussing college, Chuck Bass, and shoes!

Stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively were having trouble getting in and out of the very high heels the scene called for. “They needed crew members to help get them on,” our on-set spy dished. “The girls also had a lot of trouble walking in them.”

Which explains why the two starlets immediately slipped into their Uggs the moment the cameras turned off. Once comfy, Leighton played with her BlackBerry while Blake talked comprar with the camera crew and costume designers.

Lively was overheard asking about a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that an extra had been wearing a dia before. The blond fashionista was upset when she heard they were the actress’ own. “Man, I loved them,” she sighed. We’re sure that Lively, like her character Serena furgão, van Der Woodsen, will find a way to get what she wants!
As we know, Blake loves britney spears a lot and so she wouldn`t miss her concert, she attended it with boyfriend; Penn badgley.

"Loved watching Britney Spears’s Circus tour stop in Newark. Loved Perez Hilton’s intro.

Britney looked great. Those supposed VIP seats were non-existent, yes I could just about smell her from being so close but standing for 3 hrs with all that screaming around me would take some getting use to. Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leigh Lezark were my section taking in all the action!"
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Now that ‘Gossip Girl’ has wrapped for the season, Penn Badgley has time to pursue other passions — like cerveja pong.

At the show’s embrulho, envoltório party at the Bowery Hotel, Badgley couldn’t get his fill of the game.

Girlfriend Blake Lively “kept trying to get him to leave, but he was so focused on the game that he begged her to stay,” says an eyewitness. Penn’s pleading won out, as he was allowed to perfect his ball-tossing until 1:30 a.m.

So, Blake Lively ended up remaining till late with her boyfriend Penn.
 Patrick McMullan
Patrick McMullan
Party photographer Patrick McMullan plays himself in an episode of Gossip Girl airing Monday night, March 30.

“I’m probably getting mais attention from the coming attraction than on the show itself,” Mr. McMullan told the Daily Transom, referring to the brief half-second during which his mug appeared in a visualização that aired last Monday. Since then, his many friends and colleagues—many of them Gossip Girl devotees—have been ringing him to say “Congrats!”

Since the show premiered in 2007, all sorts of prominent New Yorkers have made cameos: author gaio, jay McInerney, designer Michael Kors,...
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Blake Lively says Gossip Girl is holding back her movie career.

The 21-year-old actress - who plays Serena furgão, van der Woodsen in the hit TV show - says she has been so busy filming the teen drama that it’s been impossible to take up film offers coming her way.

She explains, “We shoot nine months out of the year, so there are so many films I can’t do.

“On my latest movie I would go and take a dia off from Gossip Girl in New York and go to Connecticut and shoot that and then come back the seguinte day. And they don’t really like to share you.”
Blake Lively says she’ll only surround herself with people she trusts, so she doesn’t end up losing it like Britney Spears.

The 21-year-old actress, who plays Serena furgão, van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, insists she will try her best not to go down the same route as the Toxic singer.

She says, "I’m trying to avoid all the excessive aspects of this business. So many young actors make mistakes and they do it in front of the cameras."

"I mean Britney was dating a paparazzo! If she wasn’t Britney Spears, would he have been with her? That’s why it’s important to me to surround myself with people I trust."

"I’m still pretty normal,” Blake adds. "I don’t see myself as a celebrity. I like cooking - I’m a bit of a Nigella Lawson. I don’t hang out at nightclubs, although I enjoy going to cool restaurants. But leitura in cafes is mais my style."

"This is the happiest I’ve ever been." Blake says!
As Serena furgão, van der Woodsen, the California native shines as a young woman whose return after a mysterious ano away is the talk of the town. She gave us the scoop on the show! How did you get the role?
Blake Lively: Josh Schwartz called me about it. Maybe he watched The Sisterhood, I don’t know. I hear a lot of fãs of the Gossip Girl books had seen me, and maybe because I had long blonde hair, they were blogging, ‘She has to be Serena.’ He told me “I wrote the show for you. You have to do this. I will not give it to anyone else.” We sat down and we talked about it. I...
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