“I’m a crazy person”

The 21-year-old became an absolute estrela over night because of her role as Serena furgão, van der Woodsen in “Gossip Girl” - a role that the blonde girl from California still has to get used to.

BUNTE:In the show “Gossip Girl” it’s about an it-qlique attending a New Yorker elite school. How have you experienced your school days?

BLAKE: My time attending High School in Los Angeles was like this bad teenie movie with Freddie Prince Jr. Very american! I was a cheerleader, class president, part of the choir and dressed as a bulldog mascot for sports tournaments. I always took extra courses whenever I had the chance to and you could find me at student meetings in a burger restaurant friday evening. Many of my class mates were often mean to me but I loved the school!

BUNTE: Your character Serena can relate to that. Are there any other similarities?
BLAKE: While I’m a silly, crazy person, Serena’s often characterised as being serious. That’s why I have the most fun when Serena shows her dark side.

BUNTE: What do you also like about your character?
BLAKE: The role of Serena is very interesting because she’s got so many layers. I never know how she’ll evolve story-wise. It’s possible that she’ll be devastated at the end of the season. And then there’s also the amor story with Dan. That relationship’s kind of like Ross and Rachel from “Friends”. As a viewer you always want them to get together but their relationship is a wreck.

BUNTE: Penn Badgley aka “Dan” and you are also a couple in real life. amor on set. Is it working out for you?
BLAKE: Don’t be upset, but I don’t like to talk about my private life.

BUNTE: Fashion’s a big part of the show, for example Serena wore a 12.000 Dollar jaqueta por John Galliano and a 10.000 Dollar casaco on her first school day. Does that remind you of yourself?
BLAKE: On the one hand yes, because I’ve always been a fã of fashion and wanted to express my character through my stile. On the other hand I’d never bought designer clothes before the show. My mother sew clothes for me herself or tailored clothes from vintage or grown ups-stores to have them fit me.

BUNTE: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
BLAKE: Oh my god, that must be around 300 pairs! I have a complete walk-in closet in my apartment for them. I’ve only started to hoard these beautiful shoes since I moved to New York a ano and a half ago. Before that I’d reduced my collection to four pairs.

BUNTE: Where do you like to buy them the most?
BLAKE: To be honest the “Gossip Girl” clothing department’s my favorito store because I have very little time to shop. I walk in, make notes and take fotografias of the most beautiful paris with my iPhone. Then I mail everything to my personal shoppers in the various boutiques.

BUNTE: Do you also pick up conselhos concerning beauty tricks from set?
BLAKE: Yes. For example I’ve learned how to salvage my hair when it’s been damages por extensions, curlers or ironing. With produce por Kerastase! Those make my hair grow back strong and healthy.

BUNTE: You talk about designer clothes, personal shoppers and tips from make-up artists as if your life has changed very much since the start of the show…
BLAKE: Definitely. For example a few weeks ago, Valentina came up to me and asked for a picture with me. Isn’t that unbelievable? The biggest fashion designers are fãs of the show I’m in and send me their creations as presents. I was also very surprised when I got a nice email from Anna Wintour.

BUNTE: What still surprises you when you think about how it was in the past?
BLAKE: That I get recognized on the street! It feels unreal because I pretty much live in a bubble. I go to the set at 7 am and am at início at 11 pm. For me it’s like I’d do a normal job. But it generally confirms me in my job when people admire me…

BUNTE: What do you do when you don’t want to be recognized?
BLAKE: The trick is not to do certain things. Like walking around Roberston Boulevard in Los Angeles or go to hip clubes. But that’s not bad since I don’t like going to clubes anyway.

BUNTE: How do you spend your free-time?
BLAKE: I amor to cook and pretty much a pro at it. I’ve learned that from my mom. She’s from Georgia, USA and food’s THE purpose in life for people there. With me you get the fattest cakes…

BUNTE: Do you keep your figure por excercising then?
BLAKE: No, to be honest I don’t even excercise. But I plan to. Isabel Goulart, a “Victoria’s Secret”-Model has recently recommend me her personal trainer on a flight. So I’m going to call him. Hopefully he’s not as strict as Heidi Klum’s. Because I can’t go without muffins and brownies.

BUNTE: And how is it to go without your início town Los Angeles and live in New York?
BLAKE: You can live wonderfully in New York. I amor the architecture, the art and the culture. While in Los Angeles everything is closed at 11 pm, you can just take a cab in New York and go to a restaurant as if it was 8 pm. Furthermore I also work my dream job here.

BUNTE: And that at the age of 21! Is there any danger you’ll lose sight of reality?
BLAKE: No, I surely won’t. Because I see atuação as just a job and not a life style. I think that many people lose themself at this point.