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Need help to decorate my school my school uniform.

I would like to decorate my school uniform, but I'm afaird that it will come out bad. So I would like to ask for your opinion that
- What is the best way to decorate my school?
- What is the best products or things for my uniform?
- What is the best headband for this uniform? (more than 2-3 pieces)
- What is the best way to decorate my school's blazer? (May be add some lines like Blair Waldorf's school blazer style or kind of papoula, papoila Moore in Wild Child like that.)
- What I have to do with my tie? (I have to use this school design.)
- What is the best shoe for this school uniform? (Not to high heel.)
- Do I have to put other things on my uniform? (Please give me your ideas.)

I am asian. I am kind of yellow-white as well. I have straight Brown hair longer to my shoulder, but not in the middle of my back and I can put make up to school. My height is about 156cm. I have gray eye as well. I am not wear my brazer all the time.

PS. I cannot change my school uniform so I have to decorate it. I cannot change the school style such as school logo, school tie color and design. But I also can change the style such as I can change the normal tie into French torrada, brinde tie.

Please give me all of your ideas with pictures. Thanks U.
 Need help to decorate my school my school uniform.
 soihugyou posted over a year ago
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moo000 said:
OMG I am so, so, so, so jelous!! I cant change ANYTHING about my uniform. We even have to get our tights and shoes from the same place and our hair tie has to be blue!!

The first thing I would suggest is different coloured and patterened tights. White, black, red, yellow and patterns would all look great with your uniform.

seguinte I would think about headbands. They can be a simple, or as extravagant as you want. I really amor big bows at hte moment, but flowers, paterns and plain colours will all look amazing in your brown hair.

As for shoes, I would suggests some simple flats, as well as some nice flat laceups. At the momnet I'm really loving brougs (link) because they are cute, but professional enought for school. You can also get these in lace- ups.

I'm not sure if you wouold be allowed, but clourful scarfs and bags would also be great.
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posted over a year ago 
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