Black gatos are often overlooked in favor of gatos with pretty markings and different colours. The truth is, black gatos are just as, or even mais striking than other cats. Their pele, peles is sleeker, their eyes stand out more...
But it's not about appearance. It's about the temperament of the cat. And many beautiful gatos are overlooked every year, in favours in others with markings. Infact, over 70% of black gatos are the ones to be abandoned each year. Is this really fair? Do you judge your best friends por what they look like?
I remember last year, when I was 12, begging my Mum and Dad for a cat. They gave in, and we visited the gatos Protection. All the other gatinhos had been snapped up, but left, was one tiny, skinny little black kitten hiding away in the corner, who hissed nervously when anyone came by, but not out of aggression, out of fear. They named him Dragon.
They seemed reluctant to donate him, incase he wasn't very friendly. I remember speaking to him him gently, until he finally came out and looked at me with those big amber-green eyes. He was adorable. It was then I decided to name him Kaspar, after Mikeal Morpurgo's novel about the titanic and a very special cat.
Kaspar is now nearly two years old, and he's a loving, friendly cat. He loves to lay on my cama and purrs when I so much as touch him.
I'm not asking you to donate money, nor to hoard loads of black cats, (!) I'm just asking you to give these furry friends a segundo chance.
Thanks for reading.