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What do you think the NEW animê will be? & what is you opinion on the new movie?

Anime: Will it be season 3, or a remake?

Movie: Ciel's not in it. What's up with that? Or rather, he's being replaced por a Rule 63 Ciel & set in the present day.

Personal thoughts about the movie: Sebastian is a flat reactionary Marty Stu character who revolves around Ciel. His physical form & body come from Ciel's mind. the story is all about Ciel. Sebastian is hot but without Ciel he is nothing. If the female replacement is exactly like Ciel, then swapping the gender was a pointless thing to do & will just piss off at least half the fandom.
 likalaruku posted over a year ago
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spritle101 said:
I'm not going to watch the movie. Even the best X-Men & batman filmes piss me off for not following the comics.

BB2 was popular with yaoi fans, but I don;t know if it was popular enough to get a 3ed season. As I see it, it's so far removed from the manga, that a 3ed season with a demon Ciel would be a spin-off.

The animê ended only a few years ago, so it seems to soon for a remake. Perhaps they're merely making a 13 episode OAV series.
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posted over a year ago 
KissKissHannah said:
Anime: I'm pretty happy about the new season.
Movie: It's Japanese only and the characters look nothing like the characters.
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posted over a year ago 
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