This is my review of the Big Time Rush televisão show. It's a sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon.

The Plot:

Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James are 4 close friends who become a band called Big Time Rush. Their manager is Gustavo who has somewhat of a rivalry with the team. The 4 Big Time Rush guys have eccentric adventures together as they struggle to become a popular band. Along the way they get girlfriends, friends, and a few rivals.

Big Time Rush is 1 of my favorito Nickelodeon shows. It's a very silly show, but it's good goofiness. The show has plenty of absurd antics and eccentric situations that make the show fun. Please don't expect the show to be serious and emotional. Instead you should expect a entertaining comedy show.

The Characters:

All 4 of the Big Time Rush members are pretty good characters. Kendall's the cool leader, Logan's the voice of reason, Carlos is the silly dude, and James is the fancy dude. They're a fun quad of dudes. Other enjoyable characters are the grumpy Gustavo and the delightfully corny Reginald Bitters.

The Visuals:

Well I don't think that the visuals are meant to be a big part of the show. Well at least it's a pretty good looking, especially for a live action sitcom show.

The Songs:

The Big Time Rush members are good singers. I like several of their songs. The theme song is quite catchy. Pretty much all of their songs are really good.


Big Time Rush is a entertaining sitcom show that has good characters and catchy songs. I think that it's worth checking out.