ItsToriVega has logged on.
Ilovekittens has logged on.
Roblobster has logged on.
Rexinator has logged on.
ItsToriVega: oi guys.
Ilovekittens: One time, my brother got banned from The Slap by... you don't want to know.
Rexinator: Exactly. We don't.
Roblobster: Rex!
ItsToriVega: What kind of chatroom is this?
Roblobster: Its for the kids of HA and another school at the Palm Woods.
ItsToriVega: That hotel?
Roblobster: Yeah.
Rexinator: Of course the lame Robbie knows this stuff. [laughs evilly]
Ilovekittens: Eeep! Stop!
Roblobster: ?
Iluvscissors has logged on.
Beckster has logged on.
Beckster: Tori, tell Jade that I didn't mean to pour coffee on her!
Iluvscissors: Yes you did!
Beckster: No I didn't!
ItsToriVega: [sighs]
Iluvscissors: Shut it Vega!
ItsToriVega: I didn't do anything!
Beckster: UGH!
Beck has logged off.
Iluvscissors: UGH!
Iluvscissors has logged off.
Rexinator: Jade is psycho!
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BandanaMan has logged on.
LoganMitchell has logged on.
KKnight has logged on.
LoganMitchell: James, give me back my textbooks!
BandanaMan: Not until you give me back my lucky comb!
KKnight: Guys! Give each others stuff back at the same time!
Ilovecorndogs: Yeah! Lets have happy thoughts about kittens!
Iluvkittens: I amor kittens!
Ilovecorndogs: Me too!
BandanaMan: We could see that you amor gatinhos who ever you are!
Iluvkittens: :'(
Roblobster: See what you did!
BandanMan: Shut up Roblobster! Sorry Iluvkittens!
Rexinator: I know what we could do now.
Ilovecorndogs: Go get corndogs!
Rexinator: No man! This! [evil laugh]
Ilovecorndogs: What was that?!
BandanaMan: [evil laugh]
KKnight: [evil laughs
LoganMitchell: Idiots.
LoganMitchell has been banned from this chatroom for 10 minutes.
BandanaMan: I did that. [evil laugh]
Iluvkittens: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Stop!
Iluvkittens has logged off.
Ilovecorndogs: You guys are bogus.
Trinaishot has logged on.
Trinaishot: Hi!
LoganMitchell: Probably a new one and WHO BANDED ME?
LoganMitchell: [sigh]
Trinaishot: I am not a species!
ItsToriVega: That 'species' is my sister.
BandanaMan: Doesn't seem like she is.
ItsToriVega: ...
BandanaMan: Awkward silence...
KKnight: Ok this just...
Logan: Awkward?
KKnight: Yeah.
BandanaMan: ...
ItsToriVega: ...
BandanaMan: ...
ItsToriVega: ...
KKnight: OK! Stop it! This is just getting weird! Wait.. where's my hockey stick and hockey clothes.
Ilovecorndogs has logged off.
KKnight: Oh heck no! CARLOS!
KKnight has logged off.
BandanaMan: What he doesn't know is that I took it. [evil laugh]
Rexinator: ?
Rexinator has logged off.
Trinaishot: So... Logan I was wondering if we could go out.
LoganMitchell: Uhh. Camille's calling! *mocking Camille* Logie get over here! *voice back to normal* Coming! Bye guys!
LoganMitchell has logged off.
Trinaishot: Who's Camille?
BandanaMan: Logan's on and off girlfriend. :)
Trinaishot: UGH!
Trinaishot logged off.
Roblobster: So... Tori I was wondering if you could help me with this... Grandma! I know your confused with your computer but I'm. Grandma? What are you dofhnheeiodeiujrfhieodeojufrhjujrhyfruueujikrf.
Roblobster has logged off.
BandanaMan: Uhh...
ItsToriVega: ...
Bandana Man: So its just you and me...
ItsToriVega: Yeah...
BandanaMan: So...
ItsToriVega: So...
BandanaMan: Um...
ItsToriVega: Um...
ItsToriVega has logged off.
BandanaMan: [sigh]
BandanaMan has logged off.