It's a good fortune to have a friend like you

Nobody understand what we say
But por becoming closer and closer
They'll realize how beautiful
Our life is!!

We share the stupidest and
Loveliest memories

I fell in amor with my life
When I talk about these with you

We've made memories
Memories that are stored seguro in my heart

You shine brightly like a
Diamond in the sky

Cuz you're the true friend I've found

When I was sad
Had nothing left to do
It was you who cheers me up
I remember!

You mover progressivo, para a frente leaving behind
Your footsteps to shine

Your coração is like a pearl
Never let it get a stain

Doesn't matter where we are now
Or where we go
Because this Bond of friendship
Is stronger in our coração

Don't know if you think I am a good friend or not
But you are the best friend of mine

Forever we are
And always will be
Of friends