Have you ever had to make a really difficult choice, and you knew, either way someone would get hurt?

Princess Jaselle lives on a planet called Celebrate. She is also the fairy of holidays.This holiday comming up is thanksgiving, and she has been invited to her cousin's house for this occasion. Unfortunately,Jaselle's boyfried is also giving a thanksgiving party and she doesnt know what to do.

Breanna: i thought you were comming to my house Jaselle. You never visit me and all you think about is yourself.

Jaselle: Look, im trying to do the right thing, but its not an easy choice. you dont need to get all up in my face about it. Why dont we visit you on the dia after? There can be a way to solve this problem.

Breanna: ok, that will be cool then. i dont have anything to do anyway.

Jaselle: ok great! i will call you tomorrow ok?

Breanna: sure ok. see you soon.

So all seems well, and Jaselle seems to have solve a problem, or so she thought...

Jaselle: So Breanna, i was thinking, we could go to the mall and visit that store candycane you like so much ? i cant wait for tomorrow!

Breanna: I dont think so Jaselle. I have made plans with my friends so we cant hang out tomorrow.

Jaselle: But you said you had nothing to do! why are you atuação like this. all of a sudden your just gonna change your plans?!

Breanna: well, i had already made them so, i dont know.

Jaselle: you are reay atuação like a witch and i dont know whats gotten into you.

Breanna: shut up Jaselle! (slap!)

Jaselle: why did you do that! how dare you slap me! if you got a problem with me, i suggest we settle this right now.

Breanna: Sure why not,you make me sick anyway! You better be careful litte princess, i have attacks you've never seen before, and ill use the most deadliest one on you!

Jaselle: you wouldnt! not the explosion of light, you know that attack can kill someone in one strike and your father wouldnt allow this!

Breanna: oh well, thats too bad, no one will know....it will all be over soon.... EXPLOSION OF LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaselle: Breanna,.....NO!!!!!!!!!