No one is handsome like Gaston!
Since I had done for both Belle and the Beast/ Prince Adam, now is Gaston's turn to find his handsome actors.

1) Tom Burke

I first saw him as the arrogant Bentley Drummle in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations, he has the same personality and muscular figure for Gaston!

2) Colin Farrell

The Irish bad boy who played Alexander the Great in the 2004 Oliver Stone's biopic Alexander, his Irish accent is very sexy for Gaston, I wouldn't mind casting an Irish as Gaston!

3) Christian Bale

My favourite Welsh actor, I personally think he is an even better choice than Luke Evans, his fellow Welsh. In fact, Welsh is also a sexy British accent apart from the Irish! He also play Batman.

4) Robert Sean Leonard

The only American actor in this list, I mean I know he looks a bit old for Gaston. But he has the looks for the villain.

5) Alexander Skarsgard

The only Swede actor whom is tied with Christian Bale, I amor his looks because he is a sexiest actor from Sweden!

Nobody's Swells like Gaston!

Only 5 choices make it through the cut, do you agree?
Tom Burke
Collin Farrell
Christian Bale
Robert Sean Leonard
Alexander Skarsgard