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Beautiful Things mural

JosepineJackson said …
Hi everyone who posted their ideas in new design fórum <3 Thank you Berni, Kirsten and Ana so much, I amor amor amor all your posts so much <3 Sadly I can't post new design pesquisas because of all those technical problems, but I'll hope for the best and keep trying <3 Fanpop, I have warned you!!!! Posted faz 2 dias
JosepineJackson commented…
A quick update, I opened another fanpop page and tried to make a new banner poll, 1st option uploaded a quite quickly (10 minutos or so), then I tried to upload one more, while it was uploading I walked around fanpop and made some comments, checked my ephotozine account, listened to some music, drank my coffee, washed breakfast dishes... and it still hasn't uploaded. If my theory is right you can't upload mais than on picture at a time, or one picture per day. Confusing.... faz 2 dias
yorkshire_rose commented…
Most welcome,Liana.I hope you can upload your pesquisas soon :)Fanpop is crazy *lol* faz 1 dia
yorkshire_rose said …
amor this club..hope mais people will cadastrar-se 🌞🌺🌻🌼 Posted faz 28 dias
JosepineJackson commented…
Aww, thank you sweetie 💋 I hope so too - mais fans, mais fun 😉💜🌸🌹 faz 23 dias
GDragon612 commented…
same here!!!!!💖🌸 faz 13 dias
JosepineJackson said …
Am I the only one who thinks that this club needs a little design makeover? If you agree with me I'll make a fórum where we could post our new ícone and banner ideas 💛 Now when this club is mais active than it has ever been before, we need some refreshing ☀️💐 Posted faz 1 mês
yorkshire_rose commented…
I think that would be a great idea,Liana 💐 faz 1 mês
JosepineJackson commented…
I think so too, I'll make a few ideas myself and then open a fórum 🧡 faz 1 mês
JosepineJackson commented…
The fórum is open now, you are welcome to share your design ideas my dear Bradleybaby 💜 faz 17 dias