Bayonetta Yes or no game!

DJ_Squeaky posted on May 03, 2010 at 03:14PM
Okay, again, I got the idea from another spot.
You ask "Would you..." and then something Bayonetta related.
e.g.Would you fight against the angels?

Thn the next person posts their reply and another question.

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over a year ago DJ_Squeaky said…
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the answer has to be yes or no! Even though it's obvious! lol! Anyways,
Would you fight against the angels?
over a year ago WayToDawn said…
Of course it lokks like sooo much funlolXD

Would you be a bad witch?
over a year ago DJ_Squeaky said…
Oh yeah ;)

Would you wear Bayonetta's outfit if you couold get away with it?
over a year ago WayToDawn said…
Duh lol

Would you date Cheshire aka Luka?
over a year ago DJ_Squeaky said…
Sure, why not? But then maybe I'm just XD

Do you feel sorry for Enzo?
over a year ago DJ_Squeaky said…
Why isn't anyone answering these? T_T