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Which villains do you think Catwoman and Robin will be dealing with in Arkham knight?

I recently read that each of the playable characters for the upcoming game will have their own goal to come face to face with a different villain. Apparently Nightwing will be facing Penguin. batman either the Arkham Knight or Scarecrow or both. I'm kinda curious on who Catwoman and Robin will be facing. I'm gonna guess/hope that for Catwoman, it will either be Two-face since he will most likely want revenge for defeating him in Arkham City or Poison Ivy who might learn that Catwoman lied to her about Dr. Strange destroying her only remaining plant. I just wonder who the Riddler and Harley will be facing? Maybe since batman is the leader, he'll have mais villains to face then the other three.
 beekee404 posted over a year ago
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MrWayne said:
Perhaps they will all just die and the game will focus on me... I mean on Batman... like they're supposed to.
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posted over a year ago 
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