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With The Dark Knight Rises supposedly being the last one from Christopher Nolan, who would you want to take over the films if they were to once again reinvent and who would you want to see play the parts.

Not that all these characters should appear in one movie, just curious to see who people would choose for these parts in a different take on the batman lore. I've put my picks down but drew a blank on a Director and actors for Batman, Catwoman, and Gordon.

Director - ?
batman - ?
Alfred - Anthony Hopkins
Robin - Ryan Gosling
Catwoman - ?
Gordon - ?
Joker - Johnny Depp
Harley - Mila Kunis
pinguim - Philip Seymour Hoffmann
Two Face - Terence Howard
Riddler - Kevin Spacey
Poison Ivey - Amy Adams
Scarecrow - Paul Bettany
Mr. Freeze - Patrick Stewart
Killer Croc - Ron Pearlman
 EclecticFan78 posted over a year ago
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TangoThang said:
I wouldn't want another reboot but just continuity of Nolan films with a older middle aged Batman/ Bruyce wayne and mais awesome villians from the comics
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posted over a year ago 
Victorfries said:
Director : Tim Burton
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posted over a year ago 
justice97 said:
Director: Tim Burton
Batman: Jon Hamm
Alfred: Anthony Hopkins
Robin: Ryan Gosling
Catwoman: Anne Hathaway
Gordon: Gary Oldman
The rest is the same as you.
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posted over a year ago 
Batmanknight25 said:
Director: Daren Arfonsky ( Black Swan)Bruce Wayne/ Batman: Garett Hedlund (Tron legacy) Alfred: John Cleese (Garfield a tale of two kitties) Robin: Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) Commisioner Gordon: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)Catwoman: Kate Beckinsale(Underworld films) films Jack Napier/Joker: Robert Knepner ( Prison break) Harley Quinn: Kristen sino (Veronica Mars) penguin: Phillip seymour Hoffman (Mission impossible 3) Harvey Dent/Two Face: Matt Damon (The Bourne movie series) Edward nygma/The Riddler: Kevin spacey (Seven) poison Ivy: Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) scarecrow: Micheal C Hall (Dexter) Mr Freeze: Joseph Fiennes (Haryana potter movie series 4-7) Killer croc: Mickey Rourke ( The wrestler) Vicki Vale: Leslie Bibb Clayface/ Basil Carlo:Doug jones(Hellboy movies) Baby doll: Baillee Madison (just go with it) The ventriloquist/ Scarface: Tony shalob (Monk) James Galdofini ( The sopranos) as the voice of Scarface Black mask: Guy pearce ( Memento) Hush: Ryan gosling, ganso (Drive) Hugo Strange: Ben kingsly (The dictator) Roxy rocket: Mila kunis (That70s show) Maximillion Zeus: Gerard Butler (Law abiding citizen) Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon: Hailey Steinfield ( True Grit)
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posted over a year ago 
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