Baseball Who will win the ALCS 2012?

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 jameswilson posted over a year ago
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jameswilson picked Yankees:
Even though I hope its the Tigers
posted over a year ago.
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MCHopnPop picked tigres:
Seems like some players on the Yankees are anxious most notably Alex Rodriguez,Curtis Granderson,Robinson Cano seems like they've been vulnerable to the off speed pitch and it's been toying with their timing so far in this post season they haven't been coming through in the clutch minus Raul Ibanez in two games with his game tying home runs and the Yankees also lost Derek Jeter on top of all that but it does give Eduardo Nunez a chance because they guy can certainly hit he definitely has some bat speed and if you were take those struggles and put them against the Tigers pitching staff I'm not sure what to say..but they have their ace C.C. Sabathia going tonight so it's not over yet but I still feel that the Tigers have a better chance of winning where it stands right now.
posted over a year ago.
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