filmes de barbie Best movie beginning?

Pick one:
Nutcracker: flor and Snow fadas flying
Rapunzel: Painting instuments
cisne Lake: Dancing ballerina
Princess and the Pauper: Telling a story
Original Fairytopia: Flying fadas
Magic of Pegasus: Skating
Mermaidia: Elina and fadas flying
barbie Diaries: This is me
12DP: Dancing princesses
MotR: Elina and fadas flying
Island princess: Island and movie's songs medley
Mariposa: Bibble going to meet Dizzle
Diamond castle: barbie and Teresa performing Two voices, one song
natal carol: Characters' appearance in árvore toys
Thumbelina: Little fairy
The Three Musketeers: Different things connected with musketeers
Mermaid tale: Summer sunshine- Merliah & co surfing
Fashion fairytale: Sketches
Fairy secret: Barbie's preparing for premiere
 Lorinna posted over a year ago
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