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 jlhfan624 posted faz 4 meses
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jlhfan624 said:
Please demo before choosing! A matching icon poll will be up once the new banner is chosen.
posted faz 4 meses.
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Sparklefairy375 picked Candidate:
I think this one represent most of the movies better
posted faz 4 meses.
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FairyElina14 picked Candidate:
I like this one better. I just hate how mattel redesigned every movie cover and there was no need for that.
posted faz 4 meses.
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MelodyLaurel picked Current incumbent banner:
Honestly the current one doesn't look as cramped and the coloring is easy on the eyes. I see no reason we need to change. Both of these options look way too cramped for my liking.
posted faz 4 meses.
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