filmes de barbie favorito Couple countdown - Round 15: Pick your LEAST favorito couple (Based on comments)

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15 fans picked:
Genevieve and Derek
Anneliese and Julian
Clara and Eric
 3xZ posted over a year ago
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3xZ picked Anneliese and Julian:
4. Rosella and Antonio
5. Rapunzel and Stefan
6. Odette and Daniel
7. Erika and Dominick
8. Annika and Aidan
9. Liana and Jeremy
10. Alexa and Ian
11. Catherine and Freddy
12. Corinne and Louis
13. Elina and Linden
14. Mariposa and Carlos
15. Graciella and Zane
16. Blair and Nicholas
17. Nori and Nalu

Genevieve and Derek has the highest percentage but since this countdown is based on comment, Rosella and Antonio are eliminated.
posted over a year ago.
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LightningRed picked Anneliese and Julian:
They are my least favorite now because they are overrated and their love is not romantic. Julian, as the male, has to be proposed by the woman, Anneliese. When he knows that Anneliese must marry a king, he cannot do anything to stop her. Huh, a man who doesn't work hard to win his love.

In fact, it is Anneliese who fights for her love when she discovers the mine so she doesn't have to marry Dominick, the man she doesn't love, but she can still save her kingdom.
posted over a year ago.
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nmdis picked Anneliese and Julian:
Hard to choose.....
posted over a year ago.
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ruxi23 picked Genevieve and Derek:
for me it's them i prefer the others
posted over a year ago.
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Sirea picked Genevieve and Derek:
They're all pretty nice, but Anneliese and Julian are my alltime favorite and Clara and Eric are beautiful, too. I has to pick a couple.
posted over a year ago.
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CleoCorinne picked Genevieve and Derek:
Because the movie where they're in isn't one of my favorites.
posted over a year ago.
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