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 cachorro, filhote de cachorro Chase
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cachorro, filhote de cachorro chase
barbie & her sisters in a cachorro, filhote de cachorro chase
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The amazing 3xZ, also known as Vittoria, is the April FOTM! I had the honor to send her my interview, so let's see what she answered to my questions!

1. My congratulations for winning! How does it feel?
Thank you very much!!!! I’m very surprised that I can be fã of the month. I’m still new to this club, but I feel already being a part of this big BM family, it’s amazing. I want to say thank you for all my friends who voted me.

2. What's your favorito barbie movie and why?
Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The story is amazing and I amor all of the movie’s songs. Moreover, it tells about best...
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This chapter is mostly made to introduce you with the character and Phillipe's evil plot

In the early morning the door of the royal prison opened.
"You have a visitor"said the guard to Phillipe.
The one patch eyed man walked to Phillipe's dungeon.
Phillipe laughed evilly.
"You finally came.What took you so long?"asked Phillipe.
"Sir,I had to be careful so no one could notice me."answered he.
"Fine.Did you find some musketeers we can trust?"said Phillipe.
"Just as you ordered sir."answered Phillipe.
"Tonight you'll attack the dungeon.And don't forget to take some of the prisoners so they won't know...
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