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As this barbie movie begins, Madame Natasha is critiquing her young ballet dancer’s warm-up numbers as they prepare for the arrival of several international ballet talent scouts. Tara and Dillon perform their Pas de Deux under Natasha’s critical eye. barbie as Kristyn, and her best friend Hailey wait backstage. As soon as the other two are finished, Kristyn is called out to perform her solo, which she dances to perfection. However when she finds herself overtaken por the music, she decides to start improvising her choreography, much to the displeasure of the Madame, who reprimands her for...
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The princess the spoon can choose
The princess must have many shoes
A good poise will have
Will show elegance
Delightful, fascinating she will be
You will never see the princess confused

Do a plié without falling
Always be careful with what you say
For the whole dia you must contain yourself, you know
In with the stomach and up with the chin
Straight and still with the back
Bow in a good way and wear the gloves to wave

High with the shoulders, in with the stomach
Finger on your chin
Turn your head...
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Blair impresses
She's a real princess
She shares her secret
In a strong friendship

She's enchanting
When she talks
And she has got
A cute smile
She has got a unique prettyness
And etheral hair

She's dancing
She's dazzling
She's enchanting

If you want to look like Blair
It's not very hard
If you truly come to her
You'll be friends for a life-time

She can transform
To a real princess
Into her own palace
She'll live with all her friends

Blair impresses(Oh,oh)
She's a real princess (Yeah,yeah)
She shares her secret (Oh,oh)
In a strong friendship (Yeah,yeah)

But her...
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