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 barbie A fairy secret
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We should meet one day
I know you're a kind man
To your coração I'll ask
"Love me as I am"
I hope amor will be
True as you say

I'll be sure about it
If you'll amor me as I am

The girl you're looking for
The one that you'll choose
In my heart, I think that's me
Look into my eyes

Maybe you'll remain upset
When you'll look for the truth
You must go deeper
And listen to the heart

I'll be yours
Together we'll be only one
amor me as I am

(Dominick) //////// (Erika)
I'll be yours ///// Who can say where we'll go
Together we'll be only one //////Who can say where I'll be, but I am with you

amor me as I am...

amor me as I am...
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I can light up the world
In the blink of an eye
You'll see something
You never dreamed
You wont believe your eyes

I'm holding stars
In the palm of my hands
I'll make them fly
I'll make them dance
Its such a sight
If I just take a chance

So beautiful
So wonderful
So magical(2X)
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh

Look at the sky
The stars have finally aligned
We're lighting up the dark
And its so beautiful,beautiful,beautiful

I can paint the sky
Flip it upside down
Make the planets come to live
Lift the sun off the ground

I'm holding stars
In the palm of my hands
I'll make them fly
I'll make them dance
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