Here's the third part of the article. Sorry for long delay! composição literária needs mood. (-_-) I'll discuss about the spirited characters of Liana, Eden, Thumbelina, Corinne, and Merliah. Really, barbie heroines get mais spirited hereafter.

11. Liana

Strength: brave, caring, optimistic, clever, never gives up, contented

The two best friends Liana and Alexa live happily together as flor gardeners. Though having a hard life and little money, Liana doesn't complain. She smilingly prepares her "bread and jam" meal, and generously gives her share to the poor peddler. She always hopes for a better seguinte year. Liana's Valente too -- when their garden is ruined por Slyder, she proposes to go to that long journey to defy the evil muse Lydia. At last, after she cleverly guesses that Melody's song is the key to the Diamond castelo and defeats Lydia, she's contented to return to her garden and continue her life with her dear friend Alexa.

Weakness: fighting with her best friend and leaving her
Liana's so eager to find the Diamond castelo that she leaves Alexa alone in that mansion and goes on with Melody. As a good friend, at least Liana should understand Alexa's tiredness and accompany her for a while, and then persuades her to go on, instead of getting angry and leaving her like that! Only when Liana realizes that por doing so she unconsciously puts her best friend in danger does she apologize and make it up with Alexa again.

12. Eden

Strength: a talented singer, hardworking, loves children, realizes her mistakes and changes

Even in the beginning of the movie, Eden has her good points too. She's undeniably a talented singer and a hardworking one -- she's begun it since she's 13. Also, though Eden hasn't relented in that journey with natal Present, she feels sympathy to the limping Tammy. At last, the journey with natal Future makes her realize that she's bad and mean and hated por her workers, and she's willing to change.

Weakness: selfish, snobbish, stubborn, not letting her workers rest
We can all see Eden's weaknesses: she's selfish (ordering her workers to work while she sleeps in her bed), snobbish ("Where's my crumpet, Catherine?"), and stubborn (she doesn't want to change when she meets natal Past and natal Present). She insists that everyone work at Christmas, though her workers want to go início and spend time with their loved ones. Well, as mentioned above, luckily she realizes her nastiness and changes.

13. Thumbelina

Strength: brave, natural leader, clever, innovative, determined, kind

Thumbelina's different from the Twillerbees around her. She invents something new, like the wings she wants to use to see the Twillerbabies. She's clever and a natural leader among her friends Chrysella and Janessa. Like other heroines, she's also brave. She doesn't stand it when she hears the field will be turned into buildings -- she stays in Makena's house to ask her parents to stop building there. At first she doesn't get along with Makena, but when she learns that Makena is a lonely girl who seldom gets attention from her parents, she kindly brings them together again.

Weakness: bossy, too insistent
As a leader among her friends, Thumbelina can sometimes be bossy. She asks her friends to try her wings even though they're reluctant. Even Janessa falls because she can't use those wings! Not to danger, fortunately. She keeps urging Makena to talk to her parents, though Makena seldom has time to meet her parents because they're so busy.

14. Corinne

Strength: determined, having a high dream, hardworking, adventurous, helpful, never gives up

Not many people know what they want and how to achieve it, but Corinne does! She dreams of being a musketeer since she's young, and she knows how to pursue her dream -- por going to Paris and gives that letter of recommendation to Monsieur Treville. When she's rejected, laughed at, and made fun of, she doesn't give up. She meets friends who share the same dream and trains secretly so that they can be musketeers. Beneath her spunky character, Corinne has her soft side too: she rushes to save Prince Louis when he almost falls from the balloon, and she's quite shy when she touches his hand....

Weakness: impetuous, hot-headed, a bit proud, likes to show off, hasty
When Corinne comes to Paris, she's so excited because her dream almost comes true. So she tells everyone that she's going to be a musketeer. But most people who hear her laugh at her and say girls can't be musketeers. And Corinne gets mad when she hears that! She's a bit proud and a show-off -- she thinks her skills are already as good as the old musketeers' skills that she dares to challenge them and gets embarrassed after one of them knocks her down. (Strangely, she can face human musketeers, but she can't catch Brutus.) Corinne is also hasty and careless in chasing Brutus to get her letter back that she bumps into Viveca, Renee, and Aramina.

15. Merliah

Strength: a great surfer, easygoing, family-oriented, sacrificing her dream to save Oceana

As a teenager, Merliah enjoys her life as a popular surfer who almost always wins in every tournament she enters that she earns the título "Queen of the Waves." The easygoing Merliah also has two best friends and a very nice grandfather. Thus, she doesn't want her mermaid affair to spoil her good life. But when she has to choose between having her normal life back and saving Oceana and her mother, she's willing to become a mermaid to save Oceana. And finally she gets both her normal life back and her new kingdom and family!

Weakness: selfish, sarcastic
Merliah's willing to go on her mermaid adventure, but only so that she can have her normal life again. She has earned the popularity as a topo, início surfer and she doesn't want to let it go. And in the segundo movie, she chooses to compete in Australia instead of going to Aquelia with her mother for the Changing of the Tides Ceremony. Merliah can talk "sharp" too. When she doesn't like to have a mermaid mother, she mocks the reality por saying, "My father, what, a Loch Ness monster?"