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Is Blitd even ended ? What do you think ?

I still can't believe this epic web series has ended its run , as many fãs cried out . Reasons why i don't think BLITD hasn't ended
1. It's gained million viewership (maybe billion) across the world , why would mattel remove something if their web series is so famous ? Are they crazy to remove it ?
2. fãs are posting episodes in different languages they found on website , there're 2 episodes which are different and labelled as 'Last episode'...
3. They always take a hiatus in 2-3 months to promote their filmes - Such as they're avoiding it for Spy Squad , but run vlogs because they believe barbie should be a regular youtuber.
4. Mattel hasn't even announced officialy that it has ended , but instead they made the episodes available in a linked playlist on Mattel's youtube , the episodes are hidden from Barbie's YouTube but not on Mattel's . It doesn't mean that Dreamtopia has started so blitd has to end ....
 BarbieBieber714 posted over a year ago
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SilentForce said:
I hope that Barbie:Life in the Dreamhouse isn't going to end because I really amor it.
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posted over a year ago 
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