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posted by Ramen8686
Hey, here's my new fã club about baby pokemon!
If you like pokemon that hatch from eggs, become a fan!

This fã club is for the kinds of pokemon that hatch from eggs. Some pokemon examples are BONSLY, SURSKIT, MIME JR., PICHU, MUNCHLAX, TOGEPI, AZURILL, CLEFFA, HAPPINY, and IGGLYBUFF.

If you like any pokemon like these, then become a fan!

What's your favorite? Looking for eggs in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? Need conselhos on how to keep a strong (Lvl. 100) baby pokemon? well, this fã club has it all!

You can also chat about your favorito kinds of baby pokemon or other poke-related things.

Have Fun!

-From Ramen8686
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added by beepboop