avril lavigne If Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and Taylor rápido, swift teamed up on a song....

helmutuhlmann posted on May 03, 2011 at 04:08AM
... It might go kinda like this:


So, my name is Helmut Uhlmann. For episode 10 of my “Can I Write a New Song Each Week” challenge (in which I’m writing, recording and producing a new track each week for 6 months) I’ve tried writing from the perspective of a girl, drawing on inspiration from these awesome female artists. It was strange at first, but ended up being more fun than I’d like to admit lol.

If you enjoy it, then your support in commenting, rating, subscribing and checking out other episodes (in which I sing too) is really appreciated because by doing so you’re helping me towards my dreams; hopefully one day I can actually write songs and chill with these amazing girls!



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over a year ago helmutuhlmann said…
Here's the vid embedded :)
over a year ago emmett said…
big smile
This is actually pretty awesome :)