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 Azula and Ursa
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A lot of people just see Azula as some heartless, evil, well, you know. But I don't necessarily think that's the case. I feel as though Azula just needed help and amor mais than anything else.

Let's start with her childhood.Take a look at her father, he was...is a man who burned his own son's face and tried to take over the universe. Like most children Azula just wanted to earn her father's love, affection, and approval. The said part is she probably only earned the third. Zuko and Azula are complete opposites in regards to how each parent treated them. Zuko had Ursa on his side, leaving Azula...
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This is my first artigo here! Anyway, enjoy!

11) Ty Lee

Sorry for putting her so low, she's really cute, but I find her beauty too childlike and boring. She can look really ugly in many shots. I don't like her face so much (she hasn't got lips!) and her hair is ok, but nothing really special. Her body though, is very sexy and fit.

10) Mai

I find Mai to be pretty, but there are some things on her that I don't like. Her face is too long and her eyes are too small. Her long, black silky hair is just gorgeous. About her body, I guess it's fine.

9) Ursa

She's very elegant and beautiful....
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