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This Avatar: The Last Airbender fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos. There might also be sinal, cartaz, texto, quadro-negro, assinar, quadro de giz, jornal, papel, revista, tablóide, pano, and tabloide.

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This story will contain spoilers! You will understand when you read it. If you have not finished the series and do not want it spoiled then stop leitura here.

This story is about Azula when she's on the path to insanity. This is what I think her actions, and thoughts were in between scenes from the series. Let's begin. Keep in mind that none of this is fact, it's just fanfiction.

Following the events of The Boiling Rock Part 2:

Azula had just escaped the island.
I can't believe that Mai and Ty Lee betrayed me! she thought, maybe it was that I controlled them through fea- NO. Fear is the most reliable...
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