Chapter two

In the closet the man still had the swords to Aang's throat. Who are shouted Aang. The man leted Aang go and he put his swords in his sword pockets.

My name's Harold. My name's Aang. What are you doing in my home. I'm with some friends we were just exploring.

Harold unlocked the closet door. You may leave now. Wait I might need your help.

Aang and Harold walked out of the closet. Aang you're alright Katara said as she gave Aang a big hug.

Yah we were so worried said Zuko in a grumpy voise.

who's this asked Katara. Oh this is Harold. Harold these are my friends. Katara nice to meet you Harold and this is Zuko. Hi Zuko said in a grumpy voise.

Let's go to my cozinha and talk and i'll even make you gies a cup of tea.

They walked out the bedroom door and went downstairs.

Azula,Ty lee and Mai are trying to find the magical orb as well.They're just looking in a dirt spot in the woods.

feno Azula i think i found something. Azula and Mai ran to where Ty lee was digging. That's just a normal dimand Azula shouted at Ty lee. Oh Ty lee said in a confused voise. I'm bord do you really think we're going to find the magical orb said Mai all gloomy. of course we are said Azula in an evil voise.

Sokka, Toph and Suki are trying to cetch a peixe in the nearby lake.

I can't see so i'll just watch you two do all the fishing. Okay Toph said Suki in an moody voise. Girls girls please don't argue said Sokka in a calm voise. I calt one yelled Suki. Nice work said Sokka. Momo flew over them and took off with the fish. Momo they all shouted. ahhh moaned Appa.

Back to Harold, Aang, Katara and Zuko.

So what do you gies need. We're on a journey to get back the magical orb. it was stolen.

Okay i know where it is and who has it.

My brother conner roubou it. He keeps it in the far end cave up pass the the mountains.

Now it's getting dark outside and they heard noises comming from outside.

Oh no they're here. Who's here asked Katara. My family. So said Zuko. Me and my family are warewolves. they're the evil ones i'm the good one. But i thought you were a warlock asked Katara. No my girlfriend was a whitch my father killed her and she gave me her's book of spells. Her's name was gloria. she was the last of her's kind. She was killed two years ago.

to be continue, will they run into the warewolves. will the find the magical orb. or will they run into their compition azula, ty lee and mai.