This is my first artigo here! Anyway, enjoy!

11) Ty Lee

Sorry for putting her so low, she's really cute, but I find her beauty too childlike and boring. She can look really ugly in many shots. I don't like her face so much (she hasn't got lips!) and her hair is ok, but nothing really special. Her body though, is very sexy and fit.

10) Mai

I find Mai to be pretty, but there are some things on her that I don't like. Her face is too long and her eyes are too small. Her long, black silky hair is just gorgeous. About her body, I guess it's fine.

9) Ursa

She's very elegant and beautiful. I really like her brown eyes, her pretty nose and her lovely lips, as well as her long hair. But I prefer the others so...

8) Azula

She looks like her mother, so of course she would be in this list. I know many people put her very high, but I find some other girls much mais beautiful than her. Her eyes are lovely, as well as her lips and her nose. But I don't like her hair so much, especially loose. And at the last episode, when she turned completely crazy, she didn't look very nice... To conclude, ehr body is great.

7) Katara

Katara is 7th? Wait what? Well, of course I find her very beautiful, but like Ty Lee, her beauty is too childlike for my taste. Her eyes have a stunning blue color, they're very expressive and I amor how they make contrast with her tan skin. Again, she hasn't got lips and I don't like her nose. Also, her head is too big. But her hair... it's gorgeous, so long, wavy and silky, she looks beautiful with her braid and with loose hair. Her body is really nice, too.

6) On ji

It's really weird that I find On ji prettier than Katara and Azula but anyway... Her face is extremely beautiful even though she doesn't have lips. She has got a mais mature and elegant beauty and I really like her hair.

5) June

I amor her! She has that gótico look. She has a very mysterious beauty. Her eyes are stunning. I also like her lips, her gorgeous long black hair and how it makes contrast with her pale skin. And of course , her body is very sexy and athletic.

4) Suki

This is were it's getting really hard to choose. I amor Suki's blue eyes, as well as her lovely lips. Her face is truly gorgeous. What bothers me is her hair, it's not that I hate it, but it isn't very nice and I don't like how short it is. To conclude, her body is great. I wish I could put her higher!

3) Song

She's very underrated imo. I amor her expressive eyes, her lovely lips, her cute nose and her stunning smile. Her hair is nice but nothing special and that's why she's not higher.

2) Yue

She is GORGEOUS, expecially as a spirit. And she reminds me of Kida from Atlantis: The lost Empire. Her face is extremely beautiful. I amor the contrast between her white lovely hair and her tan skin. She has also stunning, blue, very expressive eyes and great lips.

1) Ta min

Soo underrated. I amor everything on her. Her beautiful lips, her lovely nose, her gorgeous grey eyes and her amazing long sliky black hair. She's so elegant, graceful, sweet, cute and... perfect.

So, I hope you liked my article. I understand that you may not agree with my choices, because they quite unpopular, but please express your opinion politely and with respect, I'll be glad to debate.