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The fans pick: Being alone
Being alone
The fans pick: Imagination is the root of all fear.
The fans pick: What?
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Asura (Soul Eater) mural

sonicphantom47 said …
If you guys amor Asura and animê and soul eater, please cadastrar-se my animê fã club. It is called, The World of Anime. Please Posted over a year ago
sonicphantom47 said …
Asura is 8th favorito animê villain Posted over a year ago
Rin08 said …
I was so blown away when he was fighting Shinigami Sama! It was like OMG What is gunna happen!?! Posted over a year ago
JaseKS commented…
Me too! God, the last few episodes were so stressful. over a year ago
Rin08 commented…
I know but the neding was GREAT!!!!!! I laughed so hard when Shingami poked the aranha castelo in the eye haha nice moves Lord Death!! over a year ago
FreeEbola commented…
please read the manga! it's so much better over a year ago