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First off the Original intentions of the Templar order were good. In the Game Assassin's Creed, the teplars are shown to be evil. Which in turn makes people believe that they were, but that is not true. The Templar Order was Originally founded to promote the teachings of God. In the Crusades they sought to open the Holy Lands to the people of the world. Yes, there were many Templars who were corrupt. But There were Templars who were good people, honest people who promoted change and peace. The Order was disbanded because of corruption and wealth, The Pure Templars sought to remain as people who promoted the good in others. Therefore they Created the Freemasons in the Americas. Many Famous people were freemasons and In fact Templars, such as: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Glenn, and John Wayne.

(This is Truth, and my Opinon)
(People have every right to post and comment to this, but i must ask you to be polite)
PSD files or files with the Adobe extension are highly flexible and can be converted into virtually any file format. One can convert a Psd to word press to use in their word applications or convert the Psd to HTML so that they can use them on their websites and so much more. The PSD files can be converted into various other image formats. JPEG is the most common image file format, and the one that most people know about because it can be converted into various formats and can be easily manipulated.

It’s the image format that is most preferred por web developers. One can convert their PSD files...
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posted by LadyRaven13
A new site for rping with Assassin's Creed. We are active and looking for new members. I am the admin of the site and on almost every day.

We would amor to see you there!

Right now, we are set in the ACIII time line, but we will be moving to the time line of ACIV. There has been talk among our members to maybe, if the site gets mais popular, to expand sections for each time period, but since we are so small at the moment, we are sticking to one time period. There are no limits to how many threads your character can be in at once. We do not do canhão characters, all characters are original. This is a semi-lit rp site.

We also have a Fairy Tale section, as well as a Werewolf/Vampire/Hunter section, and a free write section for when you feel like doing something different.

Please stop por and give us a chance. All members have to read the rules before their character is approved.
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Everyone knows the feeling of leaving work on a Tuesday. It's not as bad as Monday, because Monday is simply miserable. But it's not all that much better because you still got the majority of the stinkin work week ahead of you. What's the solution? How about a full hora of RUSH accompanied por buy-one-get-one beers at The Gaf West in Hell's cozinha NYC? Yeah, we thought so too.
So if you find yourself in midtown Manhattan on a Tuesday after work. Whether you need to loosen your tie, lose your hard hat or toss your apron; kick back at The Gaf and enjoy a complete hora of RUSH. It's guaranteed to make your give two shits about anything else.

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm