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posted by Julesthehedghog
(At Jail together on hand caughs)

Jules: Get me out!!!!!

Aslan: Shut up!! -_-'

Jules: you shut up i just want to get out of here!!

Aslan: if you wanna get out we have to work together

Jules: ok *sits*

Aslan: *breaks cage and alarm goes on*

(Alarm flashes)

Aslan and Jules: *runs*

Aslan: *see's 9,000,000 robots* we gotta hide.. *see's a closet seguinte to me*

Jules: now what!

Aslan: *goes in closet with Jules* be quiet..

Jules: okay okay!!

Aslan: shush....

Jules: fine..

Aslan: *looks around and a chaos esmeralda drop* we gotta wait untill the robots are gone

Jules: fine.... *walks to Aslan and steps on chaos emerald...
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