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1. She has an older brother named Frankie Grande

2.She was born and raised in Boca Raton ,Florida.

3.Ariana first started her atuação por being in the broadway play "13"

4. Ariana teaches música and dance to kids in South Africa each year.

5. In 2009 she went onto the show "Victorious" as Cat Valentine.

6.She played the role of Miriam in the forthcoming musical "Cuba Libre" composed por Desmond Child.

7.Grande performed at Birdland jazz club in New York City with Miranda Sings.

8.As a child,she began performing at Boca Raton’s former Little Palm Theatre for Young People.

9.A few years later, she started to perform in Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater.

10.When she joined the musical, Grande left her high school, North Broward Preparatory School, but continued to be enrolled.

11. In 2011, she played Princess Diaspro on the Winx Club.
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