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Rin awoke to the sound of loud ringing sounding across the dorm room that him and his younger brother Yukio shared. Rin looked over to the red alarm clock going off on the desk next to his bed.

'it's 6:45' Rin thought, all of a sudden he remembered . . . "I'M LATE!" he shouted as he shot up from his bed and got dressed. The demon ran down the stairs silently cursing his younger brother for not waking him up earlier.

He finally got down to the dinning hall to get his stuff and finish getting ready for school. "Good morning Rin," said Yukio before taking a bite of his breakfast which was made by the small demon named Ukobach. He was the demon that cooked their meals at the abandoned dorm. Him and Rin have cook off's now and then but they complement on each others dishes. "Good morning, person who didn't wake me up this morning," Rin said glaring at his twin trying to make his brother guilty. "That's not a very good come back and I tried three times already so I just let you sleep in," Yukio explained talking in his cool and calm voice.

"Oh," exclaimed the demon knowing very well that he was a heavy sleeper. Even the old man couldn't wake him up and he ended up being late for school most of the time,"Ah . . . Rin," said Yukio looking behind Rin, the older twin blushed thinking his brother was looking at his butt, "yeah?" asked the blushing exwire, "you might want to hide your tail before we go," the younger twin exclaimed while pointing at the thin black tail sticking out of Rin's black pants.

"Oh, shit!" yelled Rin before grabbing his tail and shoving it down the back of his pants. He had to admit the thing was annoying when he had to walk out in public. People who knew his secret didn't want the other students to find out him and Yukio were both the son of Satan, he could barely fight with his sword unless he wanted the other exwire's to see his blue flames. The human brother chuckled at him for being so forgetful, but he was used to it. He always forgets to get mineral water at the market, so he knows not to rely on Rin for such simple tasks.

The same excuse he uses is 'waters invisable, so it's hard to see' or 'it's easy to forget' which would mean that he would have to go get it himself. "What you laughing at four-eyed mole face!?" he yelled at his lover. "Oh, nothing . . . well we should start heading to school," said the younger while picking up his brown school bag. Rin picked up his bag and his sword and they started walking to school. The walk was boring except for the trio of girls that make lunches for Yukio and it was getting him jealous that they wanted to be with his lover but his brother made up an excuse to get away from them. When they got to school Rin pressed his lips to Yukio's, giving his brother a soft and love filled kiss and went to his first class after saying their goodbyes.


school was boring even thought Rin was asleep most of the few first hours. He was sent out to the hall four times for falling asleep and was scolded and was given extra homework for punishment. The exorcist class was okay, but Bon was angry with him as usual but he got along with the others except the boy with the pink bunny puppet who was an ass and Kamiki.
They were the two in the class that would't work with anyone and were the most annoying but the one with the bunny puppet seemed more creepy and demonic then himself.

After the cram school was over Rin tried to find his brother so they could walk together alone. He loved his brother more then he should but he couldn't help but be in love with him sense he was the only friend he had. *Buzz buzz* the demon took out his phone and saw it was a text from his lovable twin brother. "Going to the market to get some food, then going to get some supplies. be home in a few hours and don't get in any trouble," the exwire read aloud 'yes mom' he replied. 'Love you' said the next message that was sent to his phone, 'love you 2 <3' Rin texted back before putting his phone back in his pocket.

When he got back to the dorm he went to his desk to do his homework, he knew Yukio knew the rest of the teachers and would get on him for not doing his homework. It took an hour but Rin had finally finished his homework, he felt like he went through days upon days of torture. The demon walked towards the shower room to release some of the back ache he has from leaning over the desk.


At the supermarket, Yukio was picking up somethings for dinner. He barely knew how to cook but Rin was teaching him a few things so he wasn't useless in the kitchen. The exorcist pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket and looked over it's Continent.

Mineral water
Popsicles (for Rin)
Holy water
Bullets(3 dozen)

"Well, i think i'll do something special for Rin tonight," he said after reading his list. He soon afterwards quickly ran towards the dessert isle to pick up a few extra things.


Rin had fell asleep while reading one of Yukio's manga books. He had nothing else to do but soon got tired from the effort of reading and looking at the pictures. He soon woke up from his nap by someone yelling and shaking at him. He opened his eye's and saw his lover's face a few inches from his and almost jumped out of his bed from the sudden closeness. "Rin, I have a surprise for you," Yukio said while holding out his hand for his brother to take so he could lead him down stairs. The demon took his hand and followed his lover down towards the kitchen and dinning hall . When they got there, Rin almost jumped up and down up from the surprise. His brother had made him a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting, it was one of his favorite cakes. They soon started eating the delicious treat.

They both took turns feeding each other and after they were done Yukio took care of the mess and Rin went up to the room to read more of his twin's manga. They were definitely addicting books and he was getting surprised that his brother read such books.


After Yukio was done cleaning he went up to his and his brother's dorm room but when he got there he found a sleeping Rin with one of his manga books on his chest. He grabbed his book and set it back on the small book self on the wall next to his computer.

After doing so he went back over to his brother. He leaned down and pushed some of the Rin's bangs and pressed his lips to the boy's forehead. "I love you my demon," Yukio cooed lovingly into his twin's ear. Rin opened his eye's to what his lover had said, "I love you too my exorcist".

~the end~

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