I'm sure most of you know that Blue Exorcist is my favorito animê and mangá of all time. I amor the story, the art, and most of all, I amor the characters.
Although number 1 will be glaringly obvious for everyone who knows me and has met me, I'd still like to share some other characters I amor and appreciate as well from this series. :3

10. Rin Okumara

Now, I know most fãs would think it's blasphemy to put Rin this low on my list, but at least he's actually on my list, right? I had to write down my characters I liked and eliminate a few, sooo...
Anyways, Rin is cool. He's hot-headed, feisty, and a bit of an idiot. Oh, and he's also the bastard son of Satan. But still, with all these flaws he has, he's actually a very caring person who would do anything for his loved ones. His boyish charm and just dorkishness is really lovable in his character, and he actually reminds me of myself to an extent. He also makes a splendid main character for the series. One I don't really get annoyed or tired of, you know?

Rin Okumara

9. Amaimon, King of Earth

Yet again, the fangirls are probably screeching in defiance-
Amaimon is a very interesting character. For one, he's a demon king that's over 1,000 years old, but he acts like a spoiled 15-year-old kid. He seems very cool, calm, and unemotional at first, but you soon realize he isn't like that at all.
Despite his deadpan expression, Amaimon is a very emotional creature. He can go from content to annoyed, or even angry, in a very short amount of time, and seems to suffer from an incurable case of boredom. Which, mind you, is only somewhat satisfied when he's beating the crap out of someone.
In the story's case, it's Rin Okumara.
In fact, he becomes completely obsessed with Rin after he defeats Amaimon, and now holds a huge grudge against Rin and constantly wants to fight him so he can try to defeat him. And I mean kill.
Amaimon is sadistic, childish, and very cocky. This all mixed together makes a pretty impressive and unique demon that I can't help but love.
It also helps that he's extremely adorable, too.


8. Shiemi Moriyama

Ahh, Shiemi. The girl many fãs amor and find adorable, or hate because she's so close to Rin or gets in the way of the Yukio x Rin ship.
Shiemi is a pretty simple and cute character at first.
She seems to have no particular skills and is just an adorable girl to go with our protagonist.
But later on, after a big ol' dish of character development, Shiemi becomes a much better character. She starts to stick up for her friends and does whatever she can, even with her limitations. She's strong, cheerful, and always tries to help in any way she can.
She starts to even fend for herself mais and make her own decisions, like finally deciding she wants to become an exorcist and sticking up to her mom about it, deciding to reject Rin after she decides she's not ready for a relationship, all the countless times she's been there for Izumo and hasn't given up, and even shoving Amaimon away from Rin when he was trying to pick a fight with him.
I amor Shiemi for all of this. She seems like just a delicate little flor at first, but then grows into a tough and persistent little weed. She's so adorable~

Shiemi Moriyama

7. Yukio Okumara

I like Yukio.
Why, might you ask?
Now, Yukio seems like he's just kind of a poster child, always good, perfect guy. But he really isn't. Yukio tends to hide away his emotions and seem like a calm and collected intelligent kid, opposite of his brother Rin. But it seems that his emotions torment him deep down, and he's actually a bit mentally disturbed, even. He certainly seems to do some questionable things at times, like going through secret and intense near-death training por himself to try to unlock some sort of power his eyes might have, kind of like Rin's flames but not as obvious.
Really, he seems like sort of a mysterious character at the moment and I really want to know mais about him. I can't wait to see what the mangá has in store~

Yukio Okumara

6. Shura Kirigakure

I amor Shura.
She's a busty, badass, fiery woman who wields a sword. But she's way mais than just eye candy, I'll have you know.
Shura is from a long line of women who are all the descendants of one girl who captured the coração of a snake god. He promised her great power as long as she would urso a child before she was 30.
But it turns out, her bloodline was cursed to have every child be a daughter and look almost exactly the same as their mother, and they would die at the age of 30, so the snake god would remember her as the beautiful woman he remembered.
I'm not gonna go into much detail, but that whole arc made me amor Shura a hell of a lot more.
She seems to be a really caring person, and kinda almost like a big sister figure to Rin and even mais so, Yukio. She was Shiro's pupil, and even though she works for the True cruz Order, you can tell she cares mais for Yukio, Rin, and the now deceased Shiro than she does for her work. She's all in all a pretty badass character, and she's always looking out for Rin and Yukio.

Shura Kirigakure

5. Izumo Kamiki

Now, in the anime, Izumo is just kinda the standard tsundere character.
But in the manga, she's really great. Really. Trust me.
Anyways, Izumo is actually pretty sweet and caring deep down, but she just doesn't let people into her life much because of her tragic past and things that happened, like her mom being possessed por a demon and being taken away to be experimented on.
But she gets better with her trust issues as she warms up to Shiemi, and ends up sticking up for Shiemi mais and realizing how much everyone means to her. She is always giving Shiemi little boosts of confidence por pointing out how she's not as useless as she thinks she is, and really helps her other friends later on.
And she also deep down admires Shiemi and wishes she was as friendly and as persistent as she is.
She's really cute and even loves shoujo manga~
Izumo is best tsundere waifu.

Izumo Kamiki

4. Arthur Auguste Angel

Now, with most of the other characters I covered, I talk about them positively and talk about their good points, but...
angel is a douchebag.
And I fucking amor that.
Why? Well, because he's the Paladin. The number 1 strongest ranking exorcist and considered to be one of the most holy. But at the same time, he has an immense hatred towards demons and anything satanic. He seems to be very sadistic towards demons and generally disregards them and considers them evil and not human. I find this ironic, seeing as Saints are normally seen as saviors and caring, but Kazue Kato switched this around a bit. As Shura says, on the outside he's a saint, but on the inside, he's a devil.
On a lighter note, Arthur is also very dense (like me!) and so he doesn't understand when he's being insulted, or doesn't understand sarcasm. Although he hates demons and anything affiliated with demons, he still seems to be rather loyal to the Order and at a very strong and reliable person to normal humans.
I kinda wanna see him get over his hatred for demons a little and be a better character. I feel like that'd be interesting.

Arthur A. angel

3. Suguro Ryuji

Suguro, aka Bon, is a very intelligent, hot-headed, and ambitious character. He's normally seen with Shima and Koneko, who grew up with him and are pretty much family. Despite his tough-guy exterior, he's actually a very caring individual who would probably do anything for his friends.
Although Bon was pretty much the last one to trust Rin after he was revealed to be the spawn of Satan, he's now a very loyal friend to Rin, even though they still get in arguments and are rivals in their shared goal to defeat Satan.
Bon is also pretty awesome. He's quick to think up plans and is a skilled Aria and Dragoon. HE EVEN USES A bazuca AT ONE POINT-
Anyways, I feel like Bon is a pretty well-developed character that's pretty awesome.


2. Lewin Light

Lewin Light, aka "Lightning", is a very powerful and well-known exorcist. He has the título "Arch Knight", which is only one rank below Paladin.
Although he's (sadly) not in the anime, he is por FAR one of my favorito Blue Exorcist characters ever.
Lewin is pretty chill, laid back, and generally a playful guy. Although he's not really...normal. He seems really mysterious, hidden behind his sarcastic and friendly personality. He's apparently from Texas and had really no actual goal to become an exorcist, although it still seems like you don't know anything about him.
He's currently investigating the Illuminati and the Order and has taken Bon as his apprentice.
As I said before, Lightning is pretty sarcastic and he's also a huge pervert, so he's said some comedic things in rather serious situations, making every chapter with him in it worth the read.
He's a very interesting character, and I even wrote a theory about him not too long ago. It makes me hope the animê will continue past the Impure King arc and go onto mais of the mangá so Lewin gets mais recognition.

Lewin Light

1. Mephisto Pheles

Yeah, you all saw this coming. The character I'm completely obsessed with and madly in amor with, Mephisto Pheles.
Mephisto is a very odd character. He's very mysterious and quirky, and he's largely built around contradiction. He can be rather playful in a serious situation, or do the opposite and just completely drop the feeling from playful to dead serious. He's very meticulous and you always feel like he knows something. He's very secretive and seems to, in my opinion, be pulling the strings behind a lot of things.
In one chapter, he even revealed to Rin that he was known por many names, one of which being Loki, before telling him that he's actually Samael, the King of Time.
So this means he's really powerful, since he controls time and space, but generally doesn't show how powerful he really is.
He also remains strictly neutral and only does things for himself, not for the bad guy and not for the good guy, just what would benefit him in a situation. I think that's something really unique that most animê and mangá don't do with such a major character.
Anyways, Mephisto is a very complex and amazing character, and I just admire and amor him to no end. There's a reason he's my favorito character~
Also, fun fact: Mephisto is based off the demon Mephistopheles from the story Faust por the German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and his alias Johann Faust is an obvious nod to that.

Mephisto Pheles

So that's it for this list. Sorry if it wasn't too descriptive or anything. I tried, at least.