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The fans pick: Blonde
The fans pick: She's amazing :D
The fans pick: Yes!
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Blairwaldorffan said …
I amor this ícone and the banner , she is looking badass. Posted over a year ago
Zipa said …
I don't know who owns this club but I think it could be great to change the ícone Posted over a year ago
misanthrope86 commented…
We changed it fairly recently... If you have suggestions, just add them to the forum. over a year ago
backtoblack commented…
i agreee we definitely need a change over a year ago
misanthrope86 commented…
fórum is there, feel free to add suggestions. over a year ago
misanthrope86 commented…
Do you guys have any ícone or banner suggestions? over a year ago
CZGIronMan said …
She is very talented actress,she is hot,she is sexy,what else you can say about this woman. :) Posted over a year ago
myspace1529 commented…
She is funny and she has beautiful hair ;) over a year ago
CZGIronMan commented…
That too :) and also her accent is very sexy :) over a year ago
CZGIronMan commented…
+1 over a year ago