Anj's anjos Character Names Needed! (Boys)

iceprincess7492 posted on Dec 01, 2012 at 08:39AM
This is basically the same drill like the forum for girl character names... only this time there's not really enough specific meanings needed. Any boys names that do mean Strong or Warrior will do and more emphasis on names that start with 'D' and 'S' but otherwise, the more names from all cultures the better! ^__^

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over a year ago IngridPresley said…
big smile
Aaron - Moutain of strenght
Bernard - Strong -> My cousin's name ^_^
Dustin - Brave warrior
Donovan - Dark warrior
Duke - Leader
Derreck - Leader
Evan - Young warrior
Scott - Painted warrior -> My ex-dog's name ^_^
Stephen - Honour, reward
Seth - Appointed
Samuel - Name of God

Ok, I think that's all! If you want more, I can bring some new ideas ;)
over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
ooo thanks for these! if i need more i'll ask but i think its okay for now!!
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
I have a lot of books, so whenever I struggle with finding a name, I grab a book, browse through it and pick the first name I see.