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Dragon Ball Z fã fiction.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" goku charged. His nemesis stood not mais than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are you talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are you doing here?" The guards protectively surrounding the Prince of the Saiyans did not take their eyes off of the intruder for a split-second.

"You know exactly who I'm talking about, Vegeta! You had no right...
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Here is something interesting.


Biglobe's animê Rankings asked female fãs which female character aggravates them most and male fãs which male character annoys them most. Some heinous villains made the list. So did some weak and/or irritating protagonist. So did a number of characters generally regarded as fã favorites.

Female on Female (17,764 votes)
1. Bleach's Inoue Orihime
2. Gintama's Tsukuyo
3. Haruhi Suzumiya
4. Sword Art Online's Asuna
5. Madoka Magica's Homura Akemi
6. Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!'s Hina Takanashi
7. Bakemonogatari's Nadeko Sengoku
8. A Certain Scientific...
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posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Hinata shintani

Age :16

Class :2-1

encontro, data of birth :?

Height :177cm

Weight :58kg

Special skills :eating and basket ball

Favourite hobby :eating

Hinata is a childhood friend of Misaki.When they were young Misaki helped him so much.He loved eating so he was a fat pig.But afterwards he became slim and not to mention he is a handsome guy.He is so childish.He is in amor with Misaki but after wards he got that Misaki is atuação like she hate Takumi but actually she amor him.He got this when he saw Misaki blushing when Takumi coverd her with his camisa when she was wet
posted by Vin_Howard2
 Cover art for the animê Casshern Sins
Cover art for the anime Casshern Sins
This review is brought to you por "Vin Howard's Reviewer," a blog the reviews animes and (occasionally) video games. link
(original reviews on the blog have mais pictures then ones uploaded unto here)

Casshern Sins

Type: 24, 30 min, episode series
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama
Produced por Madhouse

Casshern Sins is a reboot of the 1970's animê series "Casshan," but with an entirely different plot, and giving the characters different backstories and roles. In Casshern Sins, the world has begun to die as a result of a phenomena know as the "Ruin," which has turned the earth into a barren...
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posted by alanna1000
 Saya and Haji fighting together
Saya and Haji fighting together

* referance video*

This is an great anime. It started out okay as the girl saya was normal and had a fun life. But then she finds out that she's not your regular High schooler. I liked the romance between Haji and Saya and I liked the storyline. That was well played out. Also something that i liked was the trials that she has to go through to prove that she's worth something. I also like how you see her history and how it effects her. This is a great animê and I recommend it to people who amor romance and action for this has a lot of both.
(In fanfics.If it's canhão I'm fine)

1.Well in my case I find it wrong When you take two male characters who do NOT have amor between each other and draw graphic fã art of them.

2.(If you want yaoi read/watch Shonen ai.Those are full of yaoi)If it's Shonen that means there is NO chance of yaoi,People take two guys and put them together.Example:Naruto and Sasuke I know you think they amor each other but they don't at the most it's brotherly if even that.

3.When you take brothers or any relatives of all people and put them together it tends to make the haters hate more.What's with and incest?!

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