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 Kakouen Myousai (Ikki Tousen)
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Kakouen Myousai from Ikki Tousen
ikki tousen
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This animê fotografia might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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It's okay, I'll shout thousands and thousands of times, I have faith that your entire future is shining brightly, Everyone who's had their dreams come true, shares one thing in common:, The fact they never give up. Don't Give In!, When you feel the headwind is about to make you stumble, Grasps my hands and try to make a chance, You're not alone anymore, Keep moving progressivo, para a frente and forward, don't give up on you're great dreams, Don't cry keep moving ahead my way, Light is shining on you now, Forget all about giving up, you'll get stronger but hurt again..., Even so your honest eyes surely see the light now,
Horror:Shiki,Elfen Lied,Erased,Tokyo Ghoul,Corpse party,Hell girl (Jigoku Shoujo),Selector Infected Wixoss (It guess(?),Akira,High School Of The Dead, Another,Dead Man Wonderland,Blood-C,Blood+,Puella Magi Madoka Magica (And yes, it is considered a horror animê if you didnt know ^_^),Serial Experiments Lain,Mirrai Nikki,And of course! Higurashi No Naku Koroni!!,Helling (probably a horror sooo...),Parasyte,Paranoia Agent,Gantz,Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia,Danganronpa(yes it is a horror-_- and I highly recommend this),Btooom!,Ga-Rei Zero,School Days (Yes it is a horror...yandere horror O_O),

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and you thought there is never a girl online?
netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai to omotta?