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alice1919119 posted on Jul 11, 2018 at 11:31AM
I feel like I've run out of anime to watch so i want you guys to help me out.

Genre: Slice of life, Coming of age
I need an anime based more or less on friendship and challenges, with a little romance here and there (as in, not the main focus), which involves coming of age and huge character developments, is refreshing to watch and preferably not too plain. (Is that too much to ask? lol)

some of this kind that i absolutely loved (perfect examples):

Nagi No Asukara
Kokoro Connect
Your Lie In April
Beyond The Boundary
Assassination Classroom
Sket Dance

some of this kind that were fine to watch (reasons specified):

Fruits Basket (could move up to the first category tbh but it's just too sweet lol)
Clannad (don't get me wrong, i LOVE Clannad, but it's not as refreshing as i'd like whatever i'm currently looking for to be)
Angel Beats (it's amazing, too dark and psychological)
Kagerou Days (i loved the concept, but everyone knows the execution sucked)
Barakamon (one of my faves, but again, not what i'm looking for right now; it makes me feel too at peace)
(I'd say Usagi Drop too, but it's not really a title under this category)
Kimi Ni Todoke (great, but you know, the very charm of the series is that it's romantic and basic)
Little Busters (the kind of bond i wanna see, but it was a bit laid back, followed by a dark confusing af second season right after)
Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai (funny, that's all; not a lot of character development imo)
Charlotte (again, loved it, but i'm looking for something slightly more light hearted)
Hanasaku Iroha (the best example of "was fine, won't watch again")
Tari Tari (i remember liking it just fine but i don't remember a thing now so)
Nana (too mature for me, a juvenile piece of shit)

some of this kind that I did not like as much (it was hard to keep watching):

Toradora (just not my type; i didn't feel like there were a lot of aspects to one character even tho that's probably not true)
Hachimitsu To Clover (it's supposed to be good ik, i guess it's just me: too slow, plain natural??)
Ano Natsu De Matteru (had potential, but meh, poor execution)
Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou (purposeless)
Plastic Memories
True Tears

some recommendations that i already got (lemme know if they're worth the watch):

Sakamichi No Apollon (couldn't bring myself to watch past the first episode for some reason)
Shinsekai Yori (too scared to try out lol)
Gin No Saji (lowkey wanna watch idk what's stopping me)

To let y'all know, I'm not looking for romantic comedies.

It would be really nice if you could briefly explain to me what I should be anticipating when you mention the title, but it's obviously not necessary at all. Thanks a lot for your time in advance.

P.S. some other anime that i enjoyed A LOT include Durarara, Hunter x Hunter and Noragami so if anyone has any extra UNPOPULAR anime recommendations that they feel might suit my taste, please let me know. also, are Baccano and Gosick worth watching?

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