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PureHeroine posted on Apr 14, 2018 at 07:07PM
Since Rainbow-Unicorn is busy, I'm filling in for her with a new forum. link is the previous one.
The rules are exactly the same and nothing has changed!

- You are given one week to create an icon
- The entry should be about the theme given
- You must submit your entry before the deadline
- You are allowed to change your icon before deadline
- All icon entries must be square
- All icon entries must have a size between 100x100 and 200x200
- Icons that do not follow the said format will not be included in the polls
- All icon entries must be made by yourself
- The winner will be given a prop and have the right to choose the next theme (for more details see the "Prize / Theme Choice" section)
- You can use an icon you made before - it does not have to be one created during the given week
- You cannot use an icon more than one time
- You cannot vote for yourself (for more details see the "Voting" section)

- Polls will be posted once the new round starts
- The polls will be open for a week
- In case a tie happens, there will be a tiebreaker poll (Tiebreaker polls will be open for 2 days)
- If a tiebreaker poll's result is still tied, the winners will be given 1 prop each and will decide the theme for the next round together
- No campaigning (e.g. “Vote for me and I’ll give you a prop" / "Vote for me and I'll vote for you" / etc.)
- A poll cannot be created until there are at least three entries (This rule does not apply to tiebreaker polls)

- Have fun and remember to be nice and fair!! :)

- The winner will be given one prop
- The winner will be given the right to choose the theme for the next round (post the theme on my wall when I ask for it)
- The theme which the winner chooses cannot be too specific
- The winner cannot choose a theme that has been chosen previously
- If the winner does not give me the theme by the deadline, I'll give it
- If a tiebreaker poll's results are tied, both winners will receive one prop and have the right to decide on a theme together
- If I win, I'll choose the theme, but get no props

NOTE: The themes for the first three rounds will be given by me so a new round can start while waiting for the poll of the previous one to conclude the winner.

- When voting in the polls, judge the icons, not the anime, character, or fanpop user
- You are not allowed to vote for yourself
- If I find out a user has voted for themselves, the user will be disqualified from the round

Reminders before submitting an icon:
1) Check the size. Please check the size of your icon before submitting it so that it can be included in the poll. It's not my responsibility to check whether your icon's the correct size, so please crop and resize your icons properly.

2) Make sure it’s square. Your icon must be square and between the sizes of 100x100 or 200x200. If a user’s icon is not square, please give them a friendly reminder.

Those are the only things you must check. Any icon can be included in the polls as long as it is square, resized to any size between 100x100 and 200x200 and corresponds to the theme. Invalid icons will not be included in polls. Please remember that it won't be my fault if your icon won't be included in the polls due to not following the rules.

Enjoy the contest! ♡

Round 27: School Uniform
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Round 28: Armor
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Round 29: Sword
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Round 30: Beach
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Round 31: Tattoo
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Round 32: Female character smoking
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Round 33: Mother
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Round 34: Elder man
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Round 35: Deity
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Round 36: Relatable character
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Round 37: Meme Representation
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Round 38: Glasses
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Round 39: Magical girls
Winner: link

Round 40: Book
Winner: link

Round 41: Father
Winner: link

Round 42: Zombie
Winner: link

Round 43: Smile
Winner: link

Round 44: Sports ball
Winner: link

Round 45: Funny face
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Round 46: Nature
Winner: link

Round 47: Twins
Winner: link

Round 48: Mermaid
Winner: link

Round 49: Idol
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