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Assassin Tournament RP  Windwakerguy430 50 2162 over a year ago
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu RP~  RainbowOtakuX3 56 10881 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Birthday Scenario Game  Cheng_Cheng 10 747 over a year ago
animê Name Game, Twisted Slightly  AnimeAvarice 43 6415 over a year ago
Rate the animê OST above you.  IceBeam13 11 1588 over a year ago
topo, início Five animê and or favorito characters  MawaruPenguin 3 2628 over a year ago
The Character vs. Character Game  kittyluv57 120 26797 over a year ago
Highschool lock down RP  shizuka1243 248 11188 over a year ago
make animê charcaters teams from different animes cool game  animeotaku20 2 909 over a year ago
Who would Win?  Yanchi 5 2458 over a year ago
animê A-Z!  Katclub8 198 25464 over a year ago
Your OTP (one true pairing)?  Legacyflight 11 4109 over a year ago
Andjelija u raskošnom dvoru kralja Sunca  marija587 0 923 over a year ago
Create a Character RP!  Addika4045 4 982 over a year ago
animê game!  pipiqueen 33 5171 over a year ago
The fanpop animê Awards 2015  kittyluv57 113 15834 over a year ago
BAMChallenge  QueenOfTheDaze 1 1353 over a year ago
One Eyed animê Characters =]  Ionelia 113 109532 over a year ago
Rate the AMV video.  x-Yumi-x3 54 5049 over a year ago
animê Rankings of Winter Week 4  abdidahir 0 1058 over a year ago
Fanart game!  Cutepet87 10 1074 over a year ago
Poke-switch?!  Ayaka 2 696 over a year ago
Characters With Purple Hiar  hahi7717 29 4350 over a year ago
animê that made you cry most ^^  Vesperius 6 1055 over a year ago
Characters With rosa, -de-rosa Hair  hahi7717 49 5210 over a year ago
Writting/Fan Fiction Contest! (Closed for now)  x-Yumi-x3 110 17378 over a year ago
topo, início 5 animê of 2014  abdidahir 0 691 over a year ago
Arashidori-RP  TAIKAMODO 0 776 over a year ago
Bakugan New Vestroia: Seeking Through the Darkness  hikari_hiwatari 397 16451 over a year ago
Can kingdom hearts really be animê  Dragonfire657 1 701 over a year ago
Complete The Sentences!  love-anime20012 0 888 over a year ago
Your favorito character-from-an-anime-game  LittleMissBook 8 1526 over a year ago
Post your current animê obsession! ~  kakukun 41 6289 over a year ago
topo, início animê Fights of 2014  abdidahir 0 673 over a year ago
topo, início 10 animê of 2014  abdidahir 0 1003 over a year ago
Look-alike character game!  AnimeAvarice 121 29491 over a year ago
naruto rp shinobi world  asuna356 5 1125 over a year ago
Attention all bishie fans!  Amy-chan 1 3420 over a year ago
New animê Ideas  lilliltez 1 1040 over a year ago
General Conversation Board  Cerudays 5 890 over a year ago
The recommendations game!  ImAnEasel 23 1423 over a year ago
Honest Feelings? Hunter X Hunter  QueenOfTheDaze 1 896 over a year ago
animê world rp land  asuna356 1 748 over a year ago
fotografia Theme Contest. ~Open  -SugaCane 77 14068 over a year ago
In Remembrance of naruto  QueenOfTheDaze 2 878 over a year ago
[Game] Like Better - animê Girls (for anyone)  ChadKumada 26 11943 over a year ago
Translating animê Songs  QueenofthePika 0 872 over a year ago
Game: Post a demovitational poster and let others rate it~~  heartfillia 6 923 over a year ago
What animê is she from?  ashcat78 1 643 over a year ago
I dislike Mai Mai Miracle  pinkarray 0 564 over a year ago
Characters With Green Hair  hahi7717 17 8053 over a year ago
Guess the animê Song Game!  kittyluv57 29 4097 over a year ago
Pairing game  KissKissHannah 31 3185 over a year ago
Where would you want your fairytail mark to be?  heartfillia 0 1672 over a year ago
The animê you wish that had mais episodes! True or not?  Shiina111 0 1274 over a year ago
what the heck did i watch?  yamishadow2001 1 762 over a year ago
animê Ballroom Dance  ChadKumada 13 6464 over a year ago
Broken Truth  manhunter27 0 823 over a year ago
animê Update/Rant.  x-Yumi-x3 10 2747 over a year ago
Blood/Kill/Dark and ROMANCE animê !  Kill-777 0 777 over a year ago
Sites  kiralight22 1 692 over a year ago
The fanpop animê Awards 2014  IllusionDolls 542 83072 over a year ago
feeling bored  himiragi-yukina 0 1089 over a year ago
naruto sad moment  ali35 0 871 over a year ago
favorito Ops And Endings  QueenOfTheDaze 0 574 over a year ago
Sword Art Online/ The Death Game Begins (Rp)  Aigomiko 2 504 over a year ago
Characters With Black Hair  hahi7717 38 5109 over a year ago
Characters With laranja Hair  hahi7717 16 2594 over a year ago
Characters With Blue Hair  hahi7717 34 5535 over a year ago
Characters With White Hair  hahi7717 11 2412 over a year ago
Characters With Red Hair  hahi7717 17 2704 over a year ago
Same Character games.  sapphirez 436 143477 over a year ago
Game: Name That Character  ChadKumada 26 5199 over a year ago
Characters With Gray/Sliver  hahi7717 3 893 over a year ago
animê Heaven RP  Glitterific 491 28176 over a year ago
Yellow/Blonde Hair Characters  hahi7717 123 16910 over a year ago
laranja Hair Characters  hahi7717 67 8748 over a year ago
animê ícone Contest (Currently Under Construction)  rileyferguson 53 12373 over a year ago
Red Haired and laranja haired animê Characters ^^  -SkySplitter- 12 5159 over a year ago
Funny/Random animê frases (Subbed or Dubbed, any language!)  QueenofthePika 3 1511 over a year ago
Ouran High School Host Club's: Make your own Host  sieluvzsoul 0 1062 over a year ago
Ojamajo Doremi RP!  QueenofthePika 2 1161 over a year ago
In Relation* animê Edition *  mariepam198 26 2932 over a year ago
Unpopular animê opinions!  KissKissHannah 2 1823 over a year ago
animê Extreme Voting Game  Sky_Yoon 40 8109 over a year ago
CLOSED  anifanfreak 20 2358 over a year ago
Post a hot shirtless or open shirted animê guy! X3  SheWolf11 24 24557 over a year ago
New Name Game!  Cutepet87 28 6731 over a year ago
Fairytail rp? :3  wolfy33 65 6596 over a year ago
32 days animê Challenge! (STARTS APRIL 27TH! )  ana_tai_tadase 259 48873 over a year ago
Death Soul School Rp!!!  AltairEzio22 4911 298544 over a year ago
Adventure Time *Anime version*  AmyRose11 2 4124 over a year ago
is there an other best animê who had gender of action/fantasy/aventure  animeotaku20 0 856 over a year ago
could you give animes who are gender of action/fantasy/aventure  animeotaku20 0 851 over a year ago
OUTFITS FOR animê  AnimeLover50 23 6433 over a year ago
Amnesia: lost in Wonder.  Angel_Kiss 73 9662 over a year ago
Strangers roleplay  shizuka1243 85 8889 over a year ago
High-school romance  XxmousexX 10 1213 over a year ago
animê Figure  J_HOBBY 7 1573 over a year ago